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Replacing blank matrix cells with a 0
Analyze from Line Chart (By Double Click )
Total mean and median
Line Chart Annotated
Sum Prior Month Balance if Account Closed Current Month
SQL Statement and Data Refresh Using Personal Gateway
Map Visual for "Placing Dynamic Maps in Tooltips" video
Data Modeling from flat file
Is Smart Filter Pro by OKVIZ compatible with "Sync Slicers"
Change data source after publishing to online service
Calculating the difference bewteen two time stamps
Power Bi Report Sharing with Colleagues
JSON template with all property code
Is Smart Filter Pro by OKVIZ compatible with "Sync Slicers"
Custom Conditional Filtering
Clustered stacked column chart
Pay Period End Date
How to add columns for the fiscal period which I do not have the data
Import to direct query
Map in Power BI
Incremental refresh failure
Slight variation of 80/20 rule
RLS security/Hierarchy levels
Rank YTD Total over 2 added Measures
Using Measure in Table results in records with no data displaying
Rolling 12 Financial Periods
Q07. Unpivot (one) group of columns, how to fix duplication (I now have incorrect totals)
Import Duration Column from csv into Power BI
Financial Analysis
CALCULATE function with several filters
DSO Calculation - referencing calculated table
Slight variation of 80/20 rule
Power BI report loading slowly in web browser
POST url to upload data
How does granuality effect Totals
Power BI Desktop - Limitations
Dataflow in power bi
Optimisation of DAX
Financials - Break Even Analysis
Default value in slicer - single select drop down
Modelling Issues
Calculated table with a date slicer
Columns vs. Rows - Impact on processing speed
Can a Card go from one dashboard to another dashboard?
Row Level Security in Schools
Export underlying data to Excel
Live Dataset Limitations
Forecasting using little amount of days
1 selector for multiple charts
Using DATEADD where there are multiple date rows of data
Same Store Flag (Sales in all Weeks of Current Period & Same Period Year Ago)
Financial reporting workshop - custom sort orders
Drill Through on different Visuals on the same Page
Power BI Model - Help with DAX Calculation or Data Model structure
Date Between does not seem to be working
Financial Reporting build video
Consumer Goods Sales data model
Search for videos
Showcase videos
Segmentation at a given point in Time
Cost Allocation - help!
Power BI Challenge - Budget wage
Count of New & Exited Members by Channel FYTD
Multi Dimension Sorting in a clustered column chart
Displaying Expansion Buttons when Embedding in a Portal
Filtering column values for matrix with unrelated value fields
User Credential Passthrough to Oracle DB in Direct Query
Dax formula for average sales per month which includes blank months
Creating a Percentage Proportionality Table
DAX to calculate value where data has multiple data rows
Customers Eangagement Within A Period Of Marketing Campaign With M2M Relationships
Custom predefined Date Ranges
Cash Flow Statement
What dax can you use to find activities on the same row?
DAX Re-using values selected in the slicers
Count % with Date Slicer
Opening and closing balance quarter in fiscal period that other than Dec
Beginning & Closing Inventory Balance
Finding sales for last 60 days
Call Center Insights from Power BI Showcases
RLS path calculation help
Cumulative Totals in Income Statement
Pipeline Progression (and CRM analysts out there?)
What layout/schemes do you like using?
Average sales per customer based on total customers as at 30 June
Backlog- count a ticket in each month it is not solved
Sales last 28 days, ignoring filter
Merge queries join
Matrix visualization format
Building a model using small dataset
Bar chart with changes between absolute number and %ages
Partially syndicated - Outbound Using Previous Month Value for Future
Why is this measure working? It shouldn't?
Create Measures with multiple conditional checks
Financial Reporting with Power BI - Prior Year Values Errors when selecting 2018 in the income statement
Gateway Refresh Error
Last transaction date
Calculating rental revenue each month
Fiscal Year -> Calendar Year
Test if table Empty
Create a new table based on some conditions
Previous Yeaar Total
Hide dates after specific dates in Running Total or any other scenario
How to deal with nervousness
Calculate with filter column starting with
Quick Measures Gallery in Power BI Community - not what you think
Automatically update dataset
Date timezone changing between Query Editor and Desktop
How to pass from one filter to another filter
Export dataset into a excel file from Power BI Service about 150k rows data?
Slicer - selecting multiple selections using shift
How can we export to excel from visuals more than 150,000 rows data?
Calculating First Time Processed
ASC in TOPN not working
The joy of learning power bi
MRP Equation - Supply Chain Planning - Inventory Forecasting
Nested Filter? Trying to find amount for last non-zero date
Error Updating Report on Power BI Service
Filtering and Displaying Data Based on Inactive Relationship
Financial Reporting w pbi
Loading the same table for different purpose
Struggling with Topn and/or Cross filtering
Retrieving all rows using a stored procedure with parameters
Total row not showing no matter what I do!
(Blank) gets added in Slicer
SamperiodlastYear Working Days
Creating Date Table Dimension using only Fiscal Quarter Data
How to control the number of columns in a matrix
DAX Help - Displaying Selected Months
Time Duration between 2 different fact tables
Calculating changes to Room sales and revenue
Number of Employees at a particular Branch overtime
Calculating changes to Room sales and revenue
Data not maintain in ROW order
Order of Evaluation in DAX
First Purchase Date - DAX
OR Slicers in Direct Query
Make category label dynamic
DAX Except Inwards v Outwards
Multi-Company Data Consolidation Data Model
Current Year and Last Year
Help with SUM and COUNT ignoring filters
Help with sum between two dates
Delinking Page Filters on few Visuals
Quarterly Sales Growth
Filter and CALCULATE filters
Cumulative Measure - USERELATIONSHIP
DAX : Incorrect Total
New Customers Count by Channel
Power BI- import one large table or ten smaller tables
Apps vs Workspaces for sharing data
Last 4 weeks sales (or months) for each week (or month)
Is there a way to show Geofences in and Enterprise View with Power BI?
Left Outer Join like DAX Measure
Waterfall Chart-- Issues
Combining two fact tables with different date structures
How to get previous month in power BI
Power BI “Store datasets in enhanced metadata format” warning
New Category: AI Visuals
Power BI Desktop (Microsoft Store Version) Error when Opening PBIX File
Calculation Groups
Financial Dashboards
Contracts & Variations Quarterly Report
Compare text value between row fields in matrix
Except, distinct, and filter?
Dax Calculation - related connection
Revenue applied over time
Covid-19 Data pbix
Create a forecast without data model, just from what-if parameters
3D Scatter with variable point size?
Group or Classification in PowerBi
Convert YearWeek into date
Cumulative Totals Not Working-
DAX Group Total missing one group
My Date Table is populating the wrong information
Error while reate a calculated for a slicer
Change yesterday vs day before, yesterday vs last week, yesterday vs last month
Balance Sheet Accumulated
Cumulative sum on date AND per item
Date Table simple issue- Newbie
DISTINCT Count from Column
Combining files from Sharepoint
Dax Calculation for Number of Days excluding weekends and holidays
Forum group for discussions around executing a BI project
Multiple IF Statements
Replacing blank matrix cells with a 0
Displaying Names in a Table
Confusion in using "Thin and Long Fact Table"
Return value based on most recent date
Advacned Dax: Using Measures as slicer
Vlookup from Query Editor
Sorting a column based on Financial dates
Map Issues with Locations
New Customer Analysis
Send email notification for Support Forum topics!
Embedding data in my Power BI model
How to do Conditional Format referring to group average Part II
Actual sales to TODAY + Budget after TODAY
Do I really need a full year in my Date table?

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