Advacned Dax: Using Measures as slicer


Giving the limitation of the ability to use measures as a slicer, is there is best practices or techniques that would allow this? if yes, is it possible to add it to the structured lessons or the mini-series, please?

I have no specific scenario or examples for now but assuming I am working with a DW that holds millions of rows. Some of the columns would hold categories or account types which for sure would be repetitive or duplicates for each customer. Grouping each column will add a great benefit to the model, but what is the best way in:

  • Direct Query
  • Import


Hello Hesham,

Take a look at this and let me know is this what you want Hesham.



About six months ago, there was a long discussion on the forum about using measures as slicers that you may find helpful:

How to use measure as a slicer

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Thank you for sharing the link. I will go through the example and try to build a general logic.

The banding or segmenting video seems relative.

Cheers, Hesham

Hi Qasim,

Appreciate your help. It’s interesting how BI users find workarounds. In my case, I was interested in finding best practices to apply in Direct Query & Import.


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