Sorting a column based on Financial dates

Hi All,

I have trying to sort month name based on Financial month. I tried the work around as per the Sam’s past video below.


But i am getting an error which i have attached here. Also, i have attached the excel date file which i am trying sort in power bi.

Hope someone would put some lights on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Dates.xlsx (88.7 KB)


Try sorting FYMonthName by FYMonthNumber instead. When doing these types of sorts, you need to match granularities, which is why trying to sort FYMonthName by a yearly column will give you an error (each year has 12 month names associated with it) . You need your sort-by column to have a 1:1 non-ambiguous match with your column to be sorted.

  • Brian

Hello Brian,

Thank you for the reply.

I tried sorting FYMonthName by FYMonthNumber and still i am getting the error.

Then i keep the data for one Financial year and tried to sort as per the above combination and i got the desired result.

Any thoughts ?


This should work, but there seems to be something wrong with your date table calculation of FY Month Number. If you look at the table below, whatever formula you are using to generate that column is giving both (some) October and September a value of 3, and sometimes giving January a value of 6 and other times 7. These two columns have the right granularity match, but the error in generating the date table is violating the unambiguous 1:1 match rule for proper sorting.


  • Brian

Thank you Brian for pointing this out and fix this.

Now it’s working perfectly fine.

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