Send email notification for Support Forum topics!

Hi Team,

I just started using enterprise dna forum and it looks awesome. People are very responsive and provide great feedback.

However, I have seen that if you provide solution/discuss any topic and someone else replies/responds, you do not get notification that someone has responded. I think it would be great that all people who have responded to that post get email notification. In this way, they will be able to quickly see/respond.

This is just an idea.



This capability exists - if you go to the bottom of any thread, you will have four options for monitoring replies to that thread, with different levels of notification, including notified via email.

In the preferences, there are also detailed configuration settings regarding notifications:

Finally, if you want to go all out re: notifications, there’s a great browser extension called VisualPing that you can have signal you whenever the forum page is updated with a new post.

  • Brian

That’s awesome Brian. Great share indeed.


One other feature I forgot to mention - if you click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, it will show a drop-down list of all your recent notifications, likes, solves, etc. In the notifications preferences, you can also set it up to show a small blue badge with the number of unread notifications on the upper right hand side of the avatar.

  • Brian

@hafizsultan, Welcome to the Forum! It’s great to know that you are having a great experience so far. We’ve recently launched the Enterprise DNA Forum User Experience Survey, please feel free to answer it and give your insights on how we can further improve the Support forum. Thanks!

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