Help with sum between two dates

I am having issues getting the right dax measure to find the cummulative total between two dates in the past. the tricky part is i need to go back a 6mth period and then get the total of the previous 6 months.

So to explain in example, in my file April 2020 would be the sum for Oct 2019 (6 mths ago) thru May 2019 (12 mths ago).

I am using a date table. I want to take selected month and get the sum for the previous 6-12 mths. I tried the following but its just not working.

VAR Sixmths = DATEADD(‘Calendar’[Date],-6,MONTH)
VAR Elevenmths = DATEADD(‘Calendar’[Date],-11,MONTH)
SUM(‘Sioux Falls’[Gross Charges]),

In the attached spreadsheet you can see for April 2020 = SUM(May19 thru Oct19)charges.xlsx (9.5 KB)

really up against time crunch so any help is VERY much appreciated.

Hi @cwnoll,

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There are many different ways to approach this. You’re looking for a cumulative pattern on a monthly granularity with an offset to the current month over a fixed period.

The Date table in the sample includes a MonthOffset, you can find a link to that here

Cum Sales prev 6-12 months = 
VAR ThisMonth = SELECTEDVALUE( Dates[MonthOffset], LOOKUPVALUE( Dates[MonthOffset], Dates[Date], TODAY()))

CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
    FILTER( ALL( Dates ),
        Dates[MonthOffset] >= ThisMonth -11 &&
        Dates[MonthOffset] <= ThisMonth -6

Here’s my sample file. I hope this is helpful.
Cumulative value.pbix (138.4 KB)



:clap:. Terrific example of how the offset method really simplifies the approach to these sorts of problems.

  • Brian

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amazing example, and thank you so much for the effort and help.