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I need some guidance on how to accomplish a break-even visual with an intercept like shown below.
Currently I have all the values in independent measures showing in cards. I have tried both a line chart and scatter plot for the visual but with only the single dot per measure I am unable to get the required result with lines.

What I have:

What I need:

I have watched all the training videos in Budgeting & Forecasting. I have also reviewed the thread @ Breakeven Analysis. However neither show what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanks so much for any ideas!

Rhys Chappel

Hi @rhyschappel. It’s difficult to say without seeing your work-in-progress … can you share your PBIX? (There’s also @BrianJ’s video ( to reference if you need to sanitize your data.) Another avenue to explore is to create a table that has columns of data you want, then change it into the desired visual type and adjust from there. Hopefully this exploration will expose the category for the x-axis of your desired line chart.


@greg hit the nail on the head. If we know what the x coordinate is for each point, you can calculate the slope for each line using the breakeven point and the total cost point for the first line, and then the breakeven point and total revenue point for the second line, and then solve y=mx+b for b ( the y-intercept) for each line. At that point, you’ll have everything you need to plot both lines.

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