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Hello guys
About this video above, in Income Statements section and lecture Overlay main DAX formula combination to template design . My point is to do that big measure. Let me tell you how’s my data model:
I have the fact table called Data with : date, Acc grp2, account and value.
I have a lookup table (called Rubricas) with accGRP, AccSRT (kinda like index), AccName and Join. This last 2 are accounts names.
I have merged one to another through AccGrp and Acc grp2, and add the join field to the fact table. Maybe i didn’t have to…but the purpose is to make some sense on those accountData.xlsx (105.9 KB) Rubricas.xlsx (24.1 KB) names.
I have a measure, T Value that sums all values.
There’s 2 measures that sums revenues and costs filtered by accgrp (account number). For example, the measure Revenue = CALCULATE([T Valor], FILTER (‘Main Data’, ‘Main Data’[2D] in {“71”, “72”, “78”})) and there’s another measure of course for costs with different accounts number.
The purpose of all this is to do this measure:

Selected Year Actuals =
VAR CurrentItem = SELECTEDVALUE(Rubricas[Join])

CurrentItem = “Total de rendimentos”, [Total de rendimentos],
CurrentItem = “Margem Bruta”, [Margem Bruta],

and it’s not working.
If i change above [Total de rendimentos] with a number, it shows me the number. It does not show me the measure.

Can you guys help me? Please?Data.xlsx (105.9 KB) Rubricas.xlsx (24.1 KB)

Still me.
The (not so) funny thing is that it seems the measures aren’t ok which they are because i have a card for each just to check them and they’re fine. The weird part is that if i change the measure by any number, it works.
Please see the attach picture where it says “Ebitda”, 1
Any help please?Capture3Capture4

I think i’ve found the issue here: i built a relation between the Income Statement Template and the fact table. Once i’ve delete it, it worked.
Just wanted you know.
Thanks anyway

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