Waterfall Chart-- Issues


I am attaching pbix file, i am working on variance analysis between one year to another year and developed a format for waterfall chart using Sam example of financials format.

I have developed selected variable dax and the information comes correctly based on the format designed.

When iam using the information on the waterfall visualization the visual is not appropriate, i do not want to see the total and the bridge items should show before Net sales 2019, the sequence should be based on the index i developed. So that i can see- Net Sales 18, Price, Volume, Cost and Net Sales 19. Do not worry on the nomenclature.

Appreciate help, attached pbix fileHelp on Waterfall Chart.pbix (48.5 KB)


appreciate if somebody can help, it maybe simple but i am unable to crack it, i am working over the weekend to develop a waterfall chart that i plan to present on Monday. help will be appreciated,

Thanks for your help.


Hi Krish,

To sort the waterfall chart by “Income Statement Format” you need to click on the ellipses of the visual and click “Ascending” and then “Sort by”.
I guess you would have sorted Format[Income Statement Format] by the Index column beforehand.

I didn’t find a clean way to hide the total. My two options are:

  • Turn the color of the total Data Label into White, then you won’t see on the visual but the “Total” label will remain below

  • Widen the width of the X-axis categories, then by reducing the size of the visual the “Total” will not be visible. But the downside is that you will get a scroll bar below.
    This is the technique I used in the .pbix hereby attached.

Hopefully, this will help.


Help on Waterfall Chart vDiBest.pbix (46.7 KB)

Hi Dibest,

thanks for your help, appreciate it.

how do it get the Net Sales 19 down , my waterfall chart was essentially to show the bridge from Net Sales 18 to Net sales 19. Is it possible to show it down?

Strangely Power BI does not yet offer good alternatives to advanced Waterfall charts yet.

Appreciate further help.


Therefore, you can tweak the formula to force the total to equal “Net Sales 19”.
Selected Actuals =

VAR CURRENTITEM = SELECTEDVALUE( 'Format'[Income Statement Format] )



CURRENTITEM= "Net Sales 18"; [Net Sales 2018];

CURRENTITEM= "Net Sales 19"; BLANK();

CURRENTITEM= "Price"; [Price Variance];

CURRENTITEM= "Volume"; [Volume Impact];

CURRENTITEM= "Cost"; [Cost impact];

[Net Sales 2018] + [Price Variance] + [Volume Impact] + [Cost impact] )

This will get you this result:

If the “Total” label bothers you and you would prefer to have “Net Sales 19” instead, you can hide it with a text box or button which you will group with the visual. This will yield this result:

Alternatively, you can check the new Waterfall Chart by xViz which may have more advanced features:

Help on Waterfall Chart vDiBest.pbix (1.3 MB)

Hi Dibest,

thanks, this does help, since i am unable to download any other official apps other than the power bi, our company does have a restrictive policy, i am curious as to why Microsoft has not inbuilt advanced waterfall charts to cover for the some nuanced analysis.

Your help is highly appreciated, i will be working on it today and get back if i need further help, as you can see i am a newbie, so will take some time.


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Hello @krish1712,

Just downloaded the last sample file and made a copy of the Waterfall Tab.
Adding the two Zebra BI Visuals got me this:

Maybe this will help, especially because it can have also Small Multiples plotted.