Cumulative Measure - USERELATIONSHIP

possibly a noob question;

Instead of using the usual date field with the active relationship in my fact table to calculate cumulative sales, I want to use another date column (that has an inactive, many-to-one relationship), can I just apply the following dax code?

Cumulative Sales by Release =
CALCULATE( [Cumulative Sales],
USERELATIONSHIP( Dates[Date], Fct_Sales[Dates Use] ) )

Where Dates Use = the new date column?


Hi @Tylesftw,

Think you’ll be interested in the summit that’s currently running, Sam covers the USERELATIONSHIP…

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Hello @Tylesftw,

Short answer is “it should work” if the model is right.
You shod really see today’s Summit video linked by @Melissa and confirm you have the same situation/model


cheers all, reading up with the content you have linked :slight_smile:

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