Analyze from Line Chart (By Double Click )

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May I ask something below?

We have line chart. When we right click on the line chart, we have “Analyze which leads us --> Explain the increase or Explain the decrease”. It didn’t work at Sumx measure. My measure is
Total Sales = Sumx(‘Detail Sales Order Lines’,’
Detail Sales Order Lines’[Quantity]*‘Detail Sales Order Lines’[UnitPrice])

So, I just created new calculated column and put in the line chart. It worked.

Therefore, I found out the Sumx didn’t work for analyze measure at line chart.

May I ask why it is?

Thank you.

I have never seen the Analyze term, can you show where exactly it appears?

Hello @KhinKyeSin,

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Well this option is still activated under SUMX also. The thing is you might have just clicked on the chart whereas to analyze through that option we need to click on that particular “Line”. Below are the screenshot provided for the reference where I’ve created charts via measure based on SUMX and the other chart contains the figures based on calculated column.

By clicking on that chart the “Analyze” option will not get activated we’ll be required to click on a “Line

I’m also providing the PBIX file of my working for the reference.

Hoping you find this useful and helps you in your analysis.

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Analyze Option under SUMX.pbix (787.6 KB)

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Hello @Harsh Thank you for the file. Yes, we still have analyze. But it didn’t work. In other words, it can’t produce any insight as per attached photo. I tested it at the file you kindly sent me.

With Calculated Column, it produced insight;

This is the great feature @AntrikshSharma. Please see the screenshot where it located in the thread.

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Hello @KhinKyeSin,

So this is something I also actually didn’t knew until you figured it. So basically there are several limitations for quick insights.

I found out when I read this documentation from the Microsoft. I’m providing links below where this same type of query was also asked onto the Power BI Community.

Hoping you find this useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

And a really good doubt. :+1:

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Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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