Segmentation at a given point in Time

Hi - I’m struggling with developing a customers segmentation at any given point in time. For example, an existing customer in 2020 may have been lapsed in 2019, active in 2018, and new in 2017. I am able to calculate current year segmentation obviously, but struggling with calculating any given point in time while maintaining the data on the same row for a 5 year period. As I write this, I’m thinking I would need to develope 5 measures, Current, CY-1, CY-2, CY-3, CY-4…summing all sales activity for that period. At any rate, if anyone could help provide direction, I’d appreciate. I think I’ve watched every single video…and just when I think I fully understand the concept, I get stuck again. HELP PLEASE!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @dbrelsford. Can you provide a PBIX (with small set of sample data, if necessary) and a mock-up in Excel (or screenshot thereof) of your desired output? If it helps, here’s @BrianJ 's YouTube video on how one can anonymize data in Power BI.

Thanks @Greg, I will take a look at this. The below is the result of the data set I’m trying to create by customer. Thanks for the note on anonymizing the data. The below is sampling.

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