Power BI Desktop - Limitations

  1. I have created a model in Power BI Desktop.

  2. My user only has a basic MS Business 365 plans, i.e. no Power BI subscriptions.

  3. Am I correct in saying they can only access the report / model by using Power BI Desktop to view their own personal copy of the model.

I imagine this would allow them to mess around with what I have done.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere.

Thank you,


Hi @kellysolutions,

See this post by @Harsh


If you let your client use a local installation of Power BI Desktop, yes they can unwillingly mess up your work BUT probably more important from a user perspective the data would be static until they hit that refresh button.
Pro licences aren’t expensive, maybe a trail period is possible, I don’t know but I would look into finding more arguments to persuade your client to subscribe…

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All sorted thank you very much