RLS security/Hierarchy levels

I have typical requirement. We are implementing row level security. As part of the security requirement, we would need to show/restrict few columns in dashboard. Example: When VP login to power BI, he should see column1, column2, column3, cloumn4,column5. When RL logins to power BI, he should able to see column2, column3, cloumn4, column 5. when DL login to Power BI he should able to see column3,cloumn4,column5. Do we have any dynamic conditional method in power bi based on RLS


Can you provide more details or perhaps even a mock up? Because what do you mean by should see column1, column2, column3, cloumn4,column5. Is that in a table/matrix visual? or??

Here’s something to get you started.

more about RLS from RADACAD:


Hi @rush2bi

Your requirement is not row level security, Its column level security.
In Power BI we don’t have CLS like RLS.

Doing it is a bit tricky, but you can try


yes. its column level security based on the roles. Thanks Rajesh.

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Hi @rush2bi

I tried your requirement… column level restriction.

You can try below process and let me know if it works for you.

Step 1: Created below tables.

Step 2: Applied some transformations for Data table and Columns table

Step 3: Created 2 roles

RLS Logic

Step 4: Create Matrix visual

Step 5 : Publish

Step 6: Assign users to roles

Step 7: Test

VP login he can see all fields,

User1 and User2 logins they can see only 4 columns

User3 and User4 can see only 3 columns

Dynamic Columns.pbix (37.2 KB)
Dynamic Columns.xlsx (11.7 KB)


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