Drill Through on different Visuals on the same Page

I was wondering is there any way to exclude/include specific drill through fields on individual visuals on the same page?
I have two visuals on the same page and on one I’d like to pass four fields from the summary page, but on the other visual I’d only three of the four fields to filter that visual.
Currently I can only filter both visuals with all four fields.

Thanks in advance,


Anthony, I think this is one of those requests that is going to be easier to solve if we can see a simplified version of your model.

Take a look at this video if you need help on anonymizing your data.

Also, have you looked into using Drillthrough buttons - these can be programmed with measures so that it only works when certain conditions are met.

Thanks for the reply Heather,

I’ll take a look at the Drill Through buttons and they sound like they could be the solution.




Here’s another awesome video on the use of conditional drill through buttons, as well as how to combine them with conditional page navigation. Together this gives you an amazing amount of power over the user experience of interacting with and navigating through your report. As Patrick says in the video “this is bananas!”

  • Brian

Thanks for the video Brian very useful.



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