Can a Card go from one dashboard to another dashboard?


Has anyone ever tried to use a Card to go from one dashboard to another dashboard? For example in the screenshot, I have clicked on one ID in the bar chart. Now I want to click on the card on the side and take me to another dashboard. Is this possible to do?



Hello @msheladia,

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Well yes, this is absolutely possible. Just few days back similar sort of query was asked by the member onto the forum and I’m providing a link of that post in which it contains 2 amazing videos links. When I first saw the video it was absolutely mind boggling for me as well. And also providing one more link of a video which was created by Patrick from Guy in a Cube just couple of days back where he showed how we can conditionally drill through and land on a particular page.

Hoping this videos meets your requirements. :slightly_smiling_face:

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