MRP Equation - Supply Chain Planning - Inventory Forecasting

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the Forum and was hoping that I could get some guidance on where to look to solve a piece of the puzzle I have been working on.

I work in Supply Chain and have been asked to build a tool in Power BI that functions as an MRP.

The goal of the tool is to forecast an inventory value based on several variables over the forecast horizon. I have been working on the concept with simple numbers and would like to apply it to the real data set.

The equation is as follows:
Current Inventory - Demand + On Order = Ending Month Invetory
Ending month Inventory = Current Inventory for the next period - this has been the piece I have not been able to work out. I keep running into a circular reference issue.

Is this discussed in a video on the sight or has someone run into this problem before?

Screenshot of current numbers.

Please let me know if I can provide further clarity, and thank you in advance!

Mark Yassay

Hi @myassay75,

Can you share a sample PBIX?
I’m sure we can help you work towards a solution. Thanks.

@Melissa - Here you go. The Excel sheet has the test data that I was working to try and replicate the Expected result tab in Power BI.

Test Data_Share.xlsx (17.7 KB)

MPT Tool Test_Share.pbix (717.4 KB)

Hi @myassay75,

One observation, you have a massive Date table, if at all possible restrict that to the number of years you actually require. Because some calcs are now iterating over a very large Date table.
You could for example set up a dynamic start- and enddate for your date table, here’s more on that.

Next I created a couple of measures:
This calculates the last ProductPlanning[Date ] with an inventory value.

LastStockDate = 
    CALCULATE( LASTDATE( ProductPlanning[Date ] ),
        FILTER( ALL( ProductPlanning ), 
            ProductPlanning[Current inventoery ] <>0 &&
            NOT( ISBLANK( ProductPlanning[Current inventoery ] )) &&
            ProductPlanning[Date ] <= MAX( viewDates[Date] )

This returns that Inventory value

Inventory = 
CALCULATE( SUM( ProductPlanning[Current inventoery ] ),
    FILTER( ALL( viewDates ), viewDates[Date] = [LastStockDate]

Used a cumulative pattern for Demand

Cum Demand = 
VAR InventoryDate = [LastStockDate]
VAR ThisDate = MAX( viewDates[Date] )

CALCULATE( SUM( ProductPlanning[Demand ] ),
    DATESBETWEEN( viewDates[Date], InventoryDate, ThisDate )

And for Replenishment

Cum Replenishment = 
VAR InventoryDate = [LastStockDate]
VAR ThisDate = MAX( viewDates[Date] )

CALCULATE( SUM( ProductPlanning[On Order ] ),
    DATESBETWEEN( viewDates[Date], InventoryDate, ThisDate )


Current Inventory level = 
    [Inventory] - [Cum Demand] + [Cum Replenishment]


With this result.

This is based on your illustration of having only one initial stock position.
Here’s my sample file. I hope this is helpful.
eDNA - MPT Tool Test_Share.pbix (711.3 KB)


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