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Dear Sir

I would like to ask the question and before I ask, may I introduce myself once again. I am from Myanmar, which is one of the countries in South East Asia.

My question is related to creating Myanmar Map for data analysis. Unfortunately, I can’t create the Myanmar Map. Just a few minutes ago, on Facebook, one guy create the Myanmar Map and he even said he can drill down up to Township level. There is only information I can know is we have to use proj wgs84 in mapshaper and also require to data reconcile between json boundaries key and dataset key.

Even though I have been using Power BI for 2 years and coming up to intermediate level in Power BI, I still can’t do data analysis with Map.

Would you kindly give some advice to create the Map and do analysis with it?

Thank you so much.

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Khin Kye Sin

Dear Khin Kye Sin,

Using the shape map visual with custom JSON files is in deed a bit tricky in Power BI. Please make yourself familiar with the GeoJSON and TopoJSON file formats before creating custom JSON map files. Power BI supports topologies in GeoJSON files and it supports TopoJSON files, but it does not visualize GeoJSON features. Maybe this is your situation: Popular GIS software visualizes GeoJSON files in layers no matter whether they contain topography or features and not all of them make it easy to recognize what is in your file technically. Looking into the JSON file with a text editor brings clarity. You also have to make sure that effective coordinates in the file are valid and correct geographic coordinates with an x-coordinate between -180.0 and 180.0 and a y-coordinate between -90.0 and 90.0 no matter whether using quantization in your JSON file or not.

Please also be aware that the shape map visual does not support drilldown. Instead, if you want to allow for drilldown you can use the fill map visual. This does not require a map file and it also has all boarders of Myanmar included already.

I have attached two files for you, a PBIX file showing fill map and shape map for Maynmar and a TopoJSON file of Myanmar that works with Power BI. The fill map implements drillup/drilldrown, you can try it out.

If you have a JSON file that you want to use with Power BI that does not work, maybe, depending on what is incompatible with Power BI, a quick fix could be loading your file to and then export it as TopoJSON, then use the TopoJSON file in Power BI.

Maps-Myanmar.pbix (44.0 KB) MMR-WGS84-EPSG4326.json (42.3 KB)

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Dear Martin

I would like to say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”. Soon after I sent the mail, my laptop has been collapsed and it was sent to the service center. Now, I got another one and now able to reply. Sorry for my late reply.

I will try to do as your suggestion.

Wish you have a good day.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Khin Kye Sin.

Dear Khin Kye Sin,

You are welcome! Please let my know whether any of my suggestions could solve your issue.

Best regards,