Dax formula for average sales per month which includes blank months

Hello Team,

I am relatively new to Power Bi and have really enjoyed the courses Sam has provided.

The question is how can I get my average unit sales when there are blank months?

The issue is it averages only the months that have totals.

I have currently set up a total sales divided by 12 to solve this problem but I’m sure there is a better way!

Hi @dean.alley,

Can you explain what you want to show as average for the month when there is a blank or what end result you are expecting. ?


Sorry I will give more detail.

Some of my months have no sales in a particular month.

This creates a problem because the DAX only picks up the months that have data which results in ana incorrect average.

What I need is for the average to be take over 12 months whether there is data or not.

I hope this clarifies the situation better?

Can you try this measure…
Monthly Average Updated =
VAr A = [Total unit Sales] //this will hold the sum/count of units as per the logic in measure
VAr B = 12 //this will always give 12. Doing this to give you average at year level.

//this is not a dynamic measure and will return value at yearly level only. If you wish to use it at diferent levels than i would suggest you to provide a sample pbix and the result you want to achieve.


Hi @dean.alley,

To make it more dynamic you could do something like this:

Avg Sales by Month =
VAR NoMonths = COUNTROWS( VALUES( Dates[Month & Year] ))

DIVIDE( [Total unit Sales], NoMonths )

Keep in mind that this calculates the number of months including both the month for start- and end date
I hope this is helpful


Thank you for your solution Hemantsingh.

Hello Melissa,

:slight_smile: That worked perfectly thank you.

I’m only starting to get my head around DAX and thought there would be a solution around count or Distinct Count I just wasn’t sure how to tie it together.

I really like the use of VAR to tie it all together thank you.

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