DAX Help - Displaying Selected Months


Basically i want to implement “Display selected Months” Dax code.

The approach is and logic is exactly same as this link -

The pbix is also available in the link above. And the code used is the new code mentioned in the link itself.

Sel ( much better version ) =

VAR SelectedMonthNumbers =

VALUES ( 'Date'[Month Number] )

VAR MonthsAndNames =

SUMMARIZE ( 'Date' , 'Date'[Month Number] , 'Date'[Month] )

VAR Result =


MonthsAndNames ,

VAR CurrentMonthNumber = 'Date'[Month Number]

VAR CurrentMonthName = 'Date'[Month]

VAR IsNextSelected = CurrentMonthNumber + 1 IN SelectedMonthNumbers

VAR IsPrevSelected = CurrentMonthNumber - 1 IN SelectedMonthNumbers


IF (

NOT ( IsPrevSelected && IsNextSelected ) ,

CurrentMonthName & IF ( IsNextSelected , "-" , ", " )

) ,

"" ,

'Date'[Month Number]



LEFT ( Result , LEN ( Result ) - 2 )

but the issue i am facing is if i dont select any months it is currently displaying January-December whereas i want to see blank.

This is resolved now.

Just wondering if you can put your solution within the message, so everyone can learn too. :slight_smile: thank you…make mark solution done

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