Export underlying data to Excel

The ‘underlying data’ export to excel from Power BI service is giving only an empty excel spreadsheet even if I allowed users to export both summarised and underlying data.why is this happening? The summarised data option is working as expected.

I believe that’s the security options to prevent export of underlying data on admin settings

@williamnt That was also my initial thinking but that is enabled to the ‘entire organization’ and that should be good enough to export the underlying data.

have you check current file report settings?

@williamnt yes I did check the report setting for the current file but nothing special.

Out of curiosity, is there a column thats “Blank” in the data? Even just the column header.

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Have you checked this documentation from the Microsoft on the topic “Export the data that was used to create a visualization”.

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no there are no blanks

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The most important idea I get from this MSFT documentation is that if the data is classified as “confidential” then it may not be possible to export it, that might be the case with my issue. The problem is it should have provided some options at least for the admin if not for the users.

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Well my guess was also on this topic " Protect data when it is exported out of Power BI as well as some of the points mentioned under the limitations which are -

  1. To export the data from a visual, you need to have Build permission for the underlying dataset(https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/service-datasets-build-permissions).

  2. Export using Underlying data won’t work if you enable the Show items with no data option for the visualization Power BI is exporting.

  3. Power BI admins can disable the export of data.

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