Create a new table based on some conditions

Hi all,

I’ve a table like this:

second column is the customer ID,
third column description
fourth column spend time

I need to obtain a new table with one row for each day, id, description, max(spend time)

I tried to use GROUP BY and partially worked, but I wasn´t able to show the description corresponding to the max time.

I’m newbie on DAX and already tried to found a solution on the internet, but I wasn’t able to



SUMMARIZE() will do the trick here. This scenario is exactly what it was designed to do.

  • Brian

Hi @JoaoMonteiro, Have a look at SUMMARIZE:

The SUMMARIZE function (DAX) returns a summary table for the requested totals over a set of groups.


I’m sorry but I wasn´t able to get there.


OK, thanks for the clarification - that will require an ADDCOLUMNS(SUMMARIZE() ) structure with an additional measure.

If you can please post your PBIX file, that will make crafting the specific solution easier.


  • Brian


Hi Brian,
I´m sending the PBIX file.
DAX is tricky.
At beginning seems easy but it has some aspects that I believe that only time and experience allow to overcame.Schedule data model.pbix (445.6 KB)


Thanks, but I think something went sideways with your PBIX file. When I downloaded it, this is what I got, with a message that pending PQ steps had not been applied:

If you can please remedy and repost, I should be able to get a solution back to you quickly.

With regard to DAX, I think you’re spot on. If you haven’t read it yet, I think this article will really resonate with you:

Also, I’ve got a video coming out later this week on the Enterprise DNA TV YouTube channel with some very specific DAX and M practice strategies and tools that hopefully you’ll find helpful too.

  • Brian

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