Forum group for discussions around executing a BI project


I’d like to have a forum group to discuss how you run your BI projects as a whole, including the Power BI work and everything around it, for questions around things like:

  • Strategic and technical decisions, e.g. do you build a data warehouse in a specific project, or do you use only Power Query and Power BI, and what were your criteria
  • Collaboration in the project, how do you work together on Power BI projects, how do you do versioning/configuration management, etc.
  • Roles and competencies: Are you the consultant, DWH designer, ETL builder, visual designer etc. all in one person or do you have specialists, and what competencies do you combine in one person
  • Project Management, e.g. budget, estimation, stakeholders in your Power BI projects
  • What size and duration were your Power BI projects?

Is there already a place where such questions would fit in?

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Hi @Martin, Thank you for providing us a very good insight into group discussion in Power BI. We recently launched the Forum Survey, which enables us to review the members’ feedback and the improvement needed in the forum. We will greatly appreciate if you can answer the User Experience Survey and rest assured that all your inputs will be well recognized.

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Thank you! I took the survey. :+1:

Yes this is a super idea Martin, and something we’ve been thinking a lot about.

We are working on many more updates and functionality.

In the meantime I would post a thread into the forum and look for some collaboration, especially for the experts, around the things you mentioned above.

We’ll keep working away at some further updates and hopefully can facilitate a lot more value in this area going forward


Hi Martin,

Don’t know if you’re aware but there’s a video series on the Power BI Adoption Framework made by Microsoft, you can find the playlist here.

It covers some of elements you’ve mentioned.

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Thank you, @Melissa !
I like Microsoft’s idea of self-service BI and citizen analysts and I’m happy each time a customer buys in into this concept and I have the honour to help implementing it. But for a lot of our customers it’ll still take some time to mentally get there. Until then I’ll build a few more data warehouses, trying to convince customers to not only stick to Power BI desktop or at least to start with a O365 cloud service subscription :wink:
I’d be happy to hear about success stories and strategies how to convince customers to want this, which is the part of the project that starts even before the execution according to the video series can be done.