Return value based on most recent date

Hi All,

As a beginner to Power BI I probably have a relatively easy question :sweat_smile: :

I have a fact table that contains the price history of a certain asset (column named close):

Now I created a what if parameter in which the user can input the amount of stocks he owns. As a small detail I would like to create a card which shows the current total $ value of his holdings.

In other words: Todays value of the asset * the amount of stocks he owns.

I tried to create a formula with the LASTDATE function, but until now I haven’t succeeded.

It would be great if someone is willing to help me out.

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Hello Folkert,

Can you provide a pbix sample of the scenario?

Thanks, so much!

PBIX example.pbix (155.3 KB)

Yes of course, please find attached.
Just to be clear: Todays value = the ‘closed’-column price of the most recent date in the table.


Here’s a solution I worked up based on some sample date I had from another forum response. I’m sure there is a more efficient way to do this, but as is often said on this forum “if it works, it ain’t dumb”…

Most Recent Price = 

VAR PriceDate =
    MAX( 'HRC Data'[Date] ),
    'HRC Data'[Price] <> BLANK()

VAR LatestPrice =
    SELECTEDVALUE( 'HRC Data'[Price] ),
    'HRC Data'[Date] = PriceDate



Hope this is helpful. Solution file attached.



Awesome, it worked, Cheers :smiley:

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