My Date Table is populating the wrong information

I copied and pasted the Date text file and entered it into the query editor as instructed in the video. The start month is supposed to be January 01/01/2017. The FY shows 18. And the start date shows 07.01.2017


You can just do a Replace FY18 with FY17, then Replace FY19 with FY18, and so forth (do the same for ShortYear) or go into the Advanced Editor for the Date Query and remove the +1 in the last row and create a new date table. Melissa has more complete M code suggestion and I’ve tried it and found that it works well.

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Ok go to the advanced editor and change the M code slightly, top lines:

    let fnDateTable = (StartDate as date, EndDate as date, optional FYStartMonth as number ) as table =>
        FYStartMonth = try if List.Contains( {1..12}, FYStartMonth ) then FYStartMonth else 1 otherwise 1,
        DayCount = Duration.Days(Duration.From(EndDate - StartDate))+1,

and also replace the last lines.

AddFY = Table.AddColumn(InsertShortYear, "FY", each "FY"&(if FYStartMonth =1 then Text.End(Text.From([Year]), 2) else if [MonthOfYear]>=FYStartMonth then Text.From(Number.From(Text.End(Text.From([Year]), 2))+1) else Text.End(Text.From([Year]), 2)), type text)

If your FY starts in Jan, you can omit the last parameter.
I hope this is helpful.


Thanks @Melissa. That seems to have fixed the issue. Any idea why this may have been an issue in the first place?

Thx for taking the time to answer my question @powerbideveloper

Sure, it looks like the M code wasn’t designed for FYs starting in January kinda logical if you think about it because there won’t be a difference between the [Year] and the [FY] in your calendar.
As @powerbideveloper has already indicated when it encounters a [Date] with a month number greater than or equal to the FYStartMonth it adds one to the ShortYear. Now that makes perfect sense for every other FYStartMonth than January. :wink:

So as a quick fix, made the FYStartMonth optional and accounted for January…

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