Displaying Expansion Buttons when Embedding in a Portal

Hi there,

I’ve created a report for a client that I am embedding onto my website within a client portal.

I’m embedding the reports into the portal using the option within the Power BI Service to embed securely on a website or portal. The data is sensitive financial data hence the reason for using this option rather than the alternative embed code option for displaying data publicly. The issue I’m experiencing is:

  • The report does not display the full screen expansion buttons in the bottom right hand corner for a user to enlarge the report and make it easier to read. I’m not sure why this is because the expansion buttons are there on embed codes for publicly available information but not for the reports that are to be embedded within a client portal.

Essentially I’m wanting to know if it is possible to somehow add the epansion buttons into the report and if so, how would I do that?

As a follow up question, is it possible to dispay the report without the Filter option down the right hand side being visible?

Juat a quick note: I’m aware that in order to access a report that has been embedded via the customer portal code (as opposed to the publicly available code) requires a user to have a Power BI Pro licence. So it might be reasonable to ask “why put it in a portal when the client could access the report via the Power BI Service?”. Long story short, my client want me to do all the heavy lifting and analysis for them so that they can simply view and understand the data and make decisions off the back of it. Putting it in a portal means all the other features which a non-user might find confusing, are removed.

Many thanks

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I think adding more images here would be helpful.

I would say most are struggling to picture and imagine what the problem is here that you are looking to solve. Even I’m finding it hard what you mean by expansion buttons?

If you publish this to web and place it into a portal you should have all the features that the online service has. So if you can create it in Power BI desktop then you should be able to get this into your report.

Regarding the look of the report when you embed it, using the method you are using I don’t think you have any options. You would have to explore the more detailed version of Power BI embedded for more customizations like that.


Hopefully these images help. The first image is of a model that is published onto a webpage using the publish to web option and is available publicly:

Whereas this is what shows up when embedding it within a portal:

The option on RHS of the first bar gives the option to expand and view it full screen, whereas the option to publish inside a secure portal does not.

I’ve ended up simply resizing the report by amending the html code, but it would be nice to be able to display it full screen. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not possible.

@5thGreen, have you considered hiding all of the report pages, and creating a bookmarks pane that can expand/collapse (with a bookmark).

The bookmark pane would have to be on all of your pages to really work.
Here is a link to a forum post discussing hidden pages: Power bi toggle button to hide or unhide page

And this video from Havens Consulting demonstrates the technique, but for a slicer pane.

Finally - I’ve added a bookmarks pane to “Bookmark Page Navigation” in the attached sample.
Hidden Page Navigation.pbix (60.5 KB)

Regarding your question on hiding the Filters panel, I know that when publishing to the service, all you have to do is click the little eye icon to make it invisible to end-users. I don’t have experience with embedding, so I don’t know that it works the same there.

Hi Heather,

My report has a contents page with icons to each page which has been created using bookmarks. Each page has a “back” button to let them go back to the contents pages I’m not really too bothered that they’re at the bottom of the page as well, although if that can be hidden when embedding I would definitely prefer that.

My main point was wanting a user to be able to click on the maximise button on the right of the first picture to make the report as large as possible on their screen. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that that isn’t possible … which is fine as I’ve managed to resize the report with the HTML code. It’s not idea as it creates other issues re webpage layout, but it’s acceptable for now.

Well, as I mentioned, I don’t know about hiding the page tabs when embedding. But I do know that in the PowerBi service, you can hide every page but the contents, and then the tabs don’t show at all.

That doesn’t fix your maximize issue however, hopefully someone with experience in embedded reports will chime in.

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