Matrix visualization format

I would like to keep the Millions format and remove the letter M in the Matrix visualization.

Maybe try something like this:
Measure 2 =
IF ( [Total Sales] > 0, FORMAT ( [Total Sales] / 1000000, “#,###0.00” ) )

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To my knowledge, there’s no way to do this through the matrix format options. What I do is just create a branched measure dividing the base measure by 1,000,000.

Total Sales Millions = 
    [Total Sales],

Not particularly elegant, but it works…

Hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

if you mean that you want this format: image
but just remove the “M” from the file, then you need to create a measure just for the Matrix Table like:

Total 2 = DIVIDE( [total], 1000000)
and then you will get a table like this: image
but I suggest making a note somewhere to make sure your users understand what the numbers represent.

If you mean that you want this format: image
then change the format for the value to ‘none’

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Thank you @BrianJ I appreciate your help

Thank you for your suggestion @AntrikshSharma

Thank you @Heather great suggestion and they only know M and B