Average sales per customer based on total customers as at 30 June


So my data table is like this

Quarter Sales Services
Sep-18 120 10
Dec-18 130 11
Mar-20 140 12
Jun-20 150 13
Sep-19 160 14
Dec-19 170 15
Mar-20 180 16
Jun-20 190 17

And I need some dax to be able to create a formula that sums all of the sales for the financial year, and divides it by the number of services as at the June quarter only.

So for 18-19 I need = sum(120, 130,140, 150) / 13
For 19-20 I need = sum(160, 170,180,190) / 17

I am thinking now that I need to use variables, and max for date.

The data is pre-aggregated so counts of customer ID etc doesn’t work.

YTD formulas don’t work as it sums all of the services over the full financial year. Whereas I only need it at the end of the financial year, and preferably in a way that makes the financial year flexible so I can filter on it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



I get the gist of this, but I’m a bit confused by your data above. Should the 3rd and 4th rows be 19, not 20?

  • Brian


Assuming I have the correction right above, here’s one approach. Because your data is at a monthly granularity, not daily, there are (at least) two reasonable approaches to take with this: 1) pull the FY over from the Dates table via Power Query, or 2) create a virtual relationship between the tables via TREATAS using Month&Year. I opted for the simplicity of #1, but #2 is probably better if you’re going to be doing additional calculations on this Data Table.

Here are the two relevant measures - the first calculates the Max services per FY, and the second calculates your desired metric by FY:

Max Services = 

    MAX( Data[Services] ),
    Data[Month] = 6,
    ALL( Data),
    VALUES( Data[Fiscal Year] )

Tot Sales Div Max Svcs = 

VAR TotSalbyFY =
   [Total Sales],
        Data[Fiscal Year]

VAR Quotnt =
    [Max Services],


Here’s what it looks like put together:


I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached

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Many thanks Brian. Really helpful.