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So, we are back for another instalment of the Enterprise DNA challenge! Challenge 18 was another great display of the talent and creativity of our members.

Hearty congratulations to Paul Gerber that won the top prize. A mammoth well done to all participants, as truly there was something in every report to learn from.


Just want to take a moment to cover some administration around the challenge as we really want to see more of you getting involved.

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The Brief

Congratulations to our Power BI Team , your excellent work has been rewarded with a new contract!!

EDNA’s Call Centre, one of the biggest call centres globally has requested our services.

EDNA’s Call Centres is preparing a strong push into the market and is seeking to expand its business with the opening of new offices across the region.

In preparation for this, EDNA’s Call Centres is seeking to implement and adopt Power BI as its analytical tool and have requested a demonstration report of Power BI capabilities.

EDNA’s Call Centre has put together a small dataset sample, around 100,000 Rows for exploration.

About the dataset

Three CSV files

CSV file containing calls data for the year of 2018
CSV file containing calls data for the year of 2019
CSV file containing calls data for the year of 2020

Excel File containing two-dimension tables ( this can be expanded to 3 )

Call Type
Call Centre employees or Reps

Text file

Extended Calendar Table

Excel File


Important Read!!

From EDNA’s Call Centres CEO – Mark Phoney

Thank you for engaging in this project with us. We have provided you with a small sample of data, there are some initial requirements that I would like to draw your attention to the following requirements.

Delete a column in the Calls data files named “Call Abandoned”

Create a new column in the Calls data files, name it “SLA Compliance” This column includes a logical statement wherein Calls “Waittime” is less than 35 seconds . Column results must be “Within SLA” or “Outside SLA”

Important Read - Please be alert and ready

The project runs for 45 days (approx.), I can let you know in advanced that as we put a few more bit togethers you will receive further instructions during the project timeline.

These further instructions will materialise in the form of new data to add, tables to integrate within your report or specific visualisations depending on Senior Management preferences . We are aware of how it can affect sudden changes your report sample thus, it is our overall intentions to try no to disrupt your processes and or disrupt as minimum as possible.

When these further instructions may occur

Our project start date is 25/03/2022 - (2022-03-25) and your final reports must be submitted by the **09/05/2022 - (2022-05-09)

We expect these further elements to be introduce between the 3rd and 5th week in the project timeline.

Report Developer Role

it is your job as an analyst to prepare a report that summarise, the overall service provided by EDNA’s Call Centres and enabling its senior Management to have a better view of its operations.

Reports are not limited by number of pages or technique. Feel free to use all the techniques at your disposal – tooltips, drill throughs, page navigation, etc.

That is all for the brief!


Submission of entries

To be considered within the competition, entries are due no later than 11:59pm PST Monday, May 9, 2022.

If you are not already following Enterprise DNA on LinkedIn please do so and join our challenge group at

How to submit:

Email the completed PBIX file to

Take an image of your report and post it to the Enterprise Challenges Group

If you are a platform member, take an image and the Publish to Web URL of your report and post it to the Enterprise DNA forum. If you are not a member of Enterprise DNA learning platform do the same in the Enterprise DNA Challenges Group.

Take the image and URL and post it on LinkedIn tagging Enterprise DNA saying, “I accepted the Enterprise DNA challenge.”

We always encourage all participants to do a brief description of how they approach the project and share their experience of participating in the challenge and sharing it on the forum and on social media.

I f you need any help with publishing, please reach out to one of the team for assistance (post in the forum/LinkedIn group and or email to


A great opportunity to learn an invaluable skill of being able to produce and calculate Call Centres Reports within Power BI.

The techniques covered here are massively reusable across the board.

Get involved!

Any issues or questions please reach out.

Federico Pastor - Enterprise DNA


Files Part 1

New data files!!

Data Files (Part 2)

Files Part 2

New Update!!

BriefUpdate_Part 3.pdf


@FPastor A Power BI Challenge where you add data over time? That’s something nobody has thought of! Amazing.


@AntrikshSharma - Thanks. Trying to be as close to working reporting as possible!



Great twist for this Challenge! Receiving further instructions during the project timeline happens often in real live. The capacity to adapt and build a resilient & adaptive design is needed, and in order to practice this skill this challenge is perfect!
Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


Cool topic. I’d try to participate.
@FPastor , I wonder if it’s fine to submit an entry before the updates are released or is it better to wait until all the information is in place?


@alexbadiu Thank you - the idea is to simulate, as much as possible, real work scenarios and this one is the most habitual. You begin a new project with an idea in mind and end with a different one…



@StaceyL Thank you, I know sometimes is difficult to find the time for these extra curriculum activities. As we were told in school, extra curriculum activities are very important and help with your learning experience. Happy if you try your best to participate :+1:.

The report must present all the information required by the brief…we can not go back to an employer with an incomplete report. Thus I suggest waiting until all the information is in place. You can start building your report and be prepared for some adjustments.

On the other hand, I do encourage in time to time screenshots of the progress on your report if you want to share it.

I hope this clarifies,

Federico Pastor


Time to be bold and showcase. Gotta give this one a try! Even a simple one just to loose the fear and get started. Here we go!


@Josimar_Biosse don’t underestimate the power of simplicity :smiley: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci.

Come on and join us!!!



Hi Federico,

Please see below feedback received from a participant

I downloaded it and within an hour I was able to see that the scale is way off. Like 20-30X off. For that call volume, a company would only need 3-5 Employees in 1 Center, not 90 with 12 managers in 3 Centers. They are only taking an avg of 1.5 calls/day/ee for 12 minutes each. This makes making a sensible analysis and recommendations to management much more difficult.

The other thing is that the data is far too “flat”: there is very little variation by Employee for productivity, avg call time, % abandoned, avg wait time - so you can’t gain many insights. A visualization with everyone “nearly equal” or in a very tight range, is not very informative. Also there is no meaningful seasonality to the time dimension, and the sales/tech support/billing call mix % is nearly identical in all contexts. I didn’t put cost $ to this per se, but back of the envelope indicates it’s costing about $100/call which should be more like $3-$5.

If the idea is to get newer analysts involved and interested, having weak/flat visualizations and filters could be a negative instead of a positive - a smart analyst would say, “why bother?” when there is so little insight to be gained.

Is it too late to change the data? Thanks



Thank you Kim.

The role of a data analyst is to analyze the data brought forward to him/her. Skilled analysts are excellent at exploring data quickly and transforming it into meaningful, data-driven recommendations. There is a small catch no matter how smart the data analyst is, his/her skills does not guarantee impact. We should remain constantly about this fact otherwise we will tend to distort the facts and start blurring into meaning that it is not in the data.

The brief also makes indication about further data to be added, this may be the changes the participant is looking for, I can’t guarantee this will produce the effect wanted.

The dataset, in its current state, presents a great opportunity to use different transformations to enhance the dataset and ultimately present what the data brings to the table.

I hope this clarifies,



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci.
I have this quote on my computer monitor as a constant reminder. It is easy to make a system complex, it is quite complex to make something look and act simply.


@jgriffit I could not agree with you more!!! I live by this motto.




@FPastor, is it possible to confirm the desired outcome of this action? Should we just ignore abondoned calls’ status or should we delete all the abandoned calls?


It came out as a surprise for me that the abandoned calls’ ‘call duration’ time is not zero. I also was wondering isn’t the data too flat.


@StaceyL Thanks for your questions.

The Brief indicates to delete the column “Call Abandoned” and substitute with a new Colum called “SLA Compliance” - definition in the brief.

Your role in the Challenge is to analyse the data provided.

I hope this clarifies.

Federico Pastor



When working on a project, I don’t normally question the flatness of the dataset provided by a client, I just analyse it and present my findings (if any) to the client in the best possible way.

Still, there is more data to come, it may/may not make less flat but this is the dataset to be analysed.




Hi @FPastor . Very good to have a Data Dictionary. It makes things quicker and simpler. Thanx



Thanks, all our challenges from now on will be accompanied by a data dictionary and any other indication, as necessary, to ensure the Challenge Brief is self-explanatory. At the same time, please feel free to ask as many questions as you want to ( 3 Max per Challenge :sunglasses: )