Twitter Threads Analysis Jump into this twitter related dataset and showcase some interesting insights based on the text of the tweet and the stock reference or tagged within the tweet itself. Data Challenge 2: Discovering Shopper Segments Think you’ve got the data chops? Prove it! Our exclusive once-a-month challenge is here, tailored just for data analysts like you. Dive in, showcase your skills, and stand out in the world of data analytics. Data Challenge 1: A Decade's Exploration  Think you’ve got the data chops? Prove it! Our exclusive once-a-month challenge is here, tailored just for data analysts like you. Dive in, showcase your skills, and stand out in the world of data analytics. Marketing Analytics - Measuring ROI Analyze data from marketing campaigns and initiatives, using visualization tools and statistical analysis techniques to identify trends and patterns, and use these insights to inform marketing strategy and decision-making. Insurance Complaints Analyze the data of a large insurance company who are due to undergo an internal audit with regard to its complaint’s procedure. Optical Data Provide a business solution by creating an intelligence tool to use by large opticians. Emergency Services Analytics Analyze the data of a medical emergency response service and discover opportunities for improvement on their process Health & Substance Abuse Report Analysis Challenge your data skills in creating an analysis report on substance Timesheet Utilisation Reporting Take a deep dive into the world of utilisation and timesheet data Call Center Data Reporting Create a report summary of the overall services provided by a Call Centre for its management Executive Sales Report Create a summary report, a task that for many BI developers will always find its way across the desk every so often. EDNA Youtube Channel Data Analysis Analyze Enterprise DNA’s Youtube Channel Data to understand its audience and create a strategy to drive more channel engagement. Customer Insight An opportunity to create a Power BI report that gives insights into customer behaviour. Delivery App Review Create a report or dashboard to help management visualize what is happening on the new app. Sales And Production Analysis Implement your analytical skills in creating a report of the entire business operation from production to forecasting. Currency Conversion And More Challenge your data skills by producing a report that gives the user the ability to select a currency and see the associated sales and cost. Supplier Insights Enhance your development skills by creating supplier insights in Power BI Environmental Data Reporting Create an analysis report on environmental data and potentially impact how this data is visualized and recorded User Experience Focus - Design Creative Navigation Create a navigation experience that showcases your brand and keeps users coming back for more by prioritizing the user experience and considering the needs and preferences of your target audience. Covid 19 Reporting An excellent opportunity for you to use Power BI for creating a one-page data report for Covid-19 analysis Transport And Shipping Data Challenge your data skills by creating a Power BI report on transport and shipping data Formula 1 Analysis Deep dive into the world of F1 and create an analysis of the drivers’ stats Global Cost Of Living Crisis Identify trends and patterns in a variety of factors that influence the cost of living in different regions around the world by using statistical analysis techniques and visualization tools. HR Data Insights Challenge yourself to produce a report which gives HR insight into the consultation process. Jira IT Service Desk Analysis Produce insights for management level that can highlight any issues and prepare them for the audit. Financial Report Showcase Show off your impressive financial report! We are confident that your financial report is a testament to your skills and expertise. We would love to see how you’ve structured it and how you’ve made it visually appealing. Time Intelligence - Highlighting Trends Showcase a Power BI report that compares the trends of two different sets of data over time. The report will specifically highlight any divergences in the trends, allowing the reader to easily see any discrepancies in the data. Hotels Revenue Management Take on the challenge of creating an analysis report on hotels revenue management data. Purchases, Inventory And Sales Practice your data skills and learn from what is a typical scenario faced by many businesses in various industries. Acing Documentation Use the data documenter tool to create an effective report template OEE Manufacturing Report Work on one of the most significant measures for manufacturing productivity - OEE Sport - Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers S Develop an analysis report about the Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23
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