Power BI Builds 3 - HR Data Insights

Challenge 3- HR Data

So here it is all the 3rd instalment of the EDNA challenge.

Remember its open to everyone so don’t be afraid to get stuck in.

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News is fast spreading about who the go to analyst is in the company. (PS it’s YOU)

The HR manager (James) has approached you for some help.

He is reviewing all internal consultations that have taken place around policy changes.

They currently have a HR system in place where they create and manage the respective consultations.

The current process is that once management decide that there is going to be a change to any policy, they then create a consultation within this HR system assigning a window to hold interviews with employees.

The company policy is that every employee will be interviewed twice regarding the change. The outcome of each interview is recorded.

Unfortunately the current system doesn’t have a reporting suite.

James has managed to get the data out of the system with some help from IT but isn’t sure where to go next.

He has said he is looking to report back to his seniors around the outcomes of these interviews and what the reception has been towards a consultation. James is also keen to establish the change of outcomes between the two interviews and any other metrics that you feel are key to this report.

The ball is now in your court and you need to find a way presenting this data back to James.

SUBMISSION DUE DATE - Sunday, 12th July 2020 (PST)

Please can you all submit your PBIX files to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co

Objective: Produce a report which gives James insight into the consultation process.

The data set can be downloaded below.
Challenge 3 Data.xlsx (65.5 KB)

Best of luck!

Any issues or questions please reach out.


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Another excellent, challenging scenario.

In my preliminary data review, I think I may have found a problem. As I understand the scenario, each consultation should have two interviews per employee. However, there is no consultation C004, and for each employee there are two different C005 rows. I strongly suspect one of these should be C004. How should we handle this?


  • Brian

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Yes, C004 is missing and each employee has two C005’s

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@BrianJ , @haroonali1000 ,

I think there are four consultations with Ids C001,C002,C003 and C005 and one of the consultations ( C005 i.e Safety ) has been interviewed twice ?

Thanks @BrianJ @Neba and @sunip.

An error while anonymising the data.

I have updated the excel please get the latest.

Any issues shout.




Great – thanks for the quick update. So this one is based on a real-life case? I’ve been wondering how you come up with the ideas for these challenges.

  • Brian

Here is my initial contribution to a Power BI Challange. I’m using plain vanilla Power BI functionality. Feedback welcome!

The details page is also available as a drillthrough from the summary page.
File submittedted to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co
I’m curious to see how you are doing in this challenge!




Wow! Talk about throwing down the gauntlet. Phenomenal report and absolutely gorgeous design submitted over a week early. Well done! :clap: :clap:

  • Brian

Hi @Martin

Wow x2! The bar has been set high (and quickly). Beautiful!

… hmm, lots of work to do …



Awesome with quick turnaround!

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Super work on this. Great example to kick off this challenge

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No problems. Great question @BrianJ and yes they are based on real-life cases. I will hopefully include some background in the wrap up.


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Welcome @Martin to the power bi challenge and what a start.

A super submission with some great insight.

The standard has been set!


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I’m excited to get into this one. Going to get started shortly.

Remember if you want to maybe get your report showcased on Enterprise DNA TV, make sure to record your screen as you’re working on your solution.


I had a lot of fun thinking through this challenge.

Here’s my submission

Publish to web

I’ll do a bigger write up in the project category soon.

I actually created hardly any measures for this challenge. It was all about setting up my model and then building a nice visualization that I thought showcased what the manager was after in the scenario.

For some reason the table has been updating a bit slow on me recently when selections are made so I’ll have to look into this.

There’s was a few other touch ups I thought I could make but have already spent a few hours on it so wanted to move on!

I actually recorded most of my development for this one and will post it to Enterprise DNA TV soon.

Let me know what you think



Very nice Sam.

Love the use of the legend that matches the colour scheme.

Great visualisation showing the 1st and 2nd interview split.

Looking forward to reading the write up.


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I’m excited to see some more submissions coming in the next couple of days

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Here is my submission:


Simple measures and calculated column on a table to get the final outcome.


Hi eDNA. Thanks for setting-up and hosting this design challenge. Here’s my submission. I’m looking forward to the eDNA Team’s general comments on the submitted design approaches. Thanks, Greg


Nice work @sunip and @Greg some awesome reports :slight_smile:.