HR Consultation Insights - Power BI Challenge #3 Entry from DianaB

Here’s @DianaB entry for Power BI Challenge 3. @DianaB, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?

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This is a really impressive power BI report. Not only is the design really consumable it’s also something that a decision maker would want to come back to timer after time because it’s easy on the eye, flows really nicely, the navigation is really affective. And more.

It’s just simple and effective and that is a sign of a really high-quality report. I haven’t had a time to Look at all the calculations that are going on in the model, but I will do in the future as I’d love to be able to showcase this on the enterprise DNA website.

Really well done Diana. I can see that you have really mastered a lot of aspects of high quality report development through enterprise DNA.

Would you mind sharing some of the things you worked on to develop the report? Some of the thinking around how you got started, how you answered the scenario for the challenge, and then how do you create some of the amazing navigation features and visualisation?

Look forward to hearing from you

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@DianaB love it.

Is there any chance you would be willing to share your .pbix? Would love to see how you achieved the outcome (especially the navigation),


Awesome work, Diana. Can you please elaborate on Navigation details.

Hi @Luke,

@DianaB resonded in the challenge thread and included the PBIX, you can find that here.