PowerBI Challenges Initial Questions for each of the challenges

I would like to be able to choose a challenge and see the question that was proposed and avoid seeing any of the elegant solutions so I can attempt it independently.

@ph3ll3r These are the forum posts where the questions and requirements related to challenges are posted along with the source files. You can avoid seeing the reports posted by members by not scrolling down after the requirements post.

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This is exactly what I was looking for; I am going to bookmark it immediately.

Thank you.

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A bit confused on this.

So which one can I join right now? I don’t want to simply pick one I think is the latest and it isn’t.

#19 is the latest/current challenge.

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Thanks for the help with this one.


Hey Ibarron20,

We’re currently in Challenge 19 as my colleague Greg mentions.

Also why no joining us at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14069197/ and keep up with what the community is doing and working on on LinkedIn.

I hope this clarifies.

Federico Pastor

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My linkedin account is tied to my personal email whereas my power bi account is tied to my work email.

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