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HR Consultation Insights - Power BI Challenge #3 Entry from Sunip

Here’s @sunip entry for Power BI Challenge 3. @sunip, would you like to share how you built this dashboard and what your inspiration is in building it?

To learn about the real-life scenario presented for the challenge, be sure to click on the image below.


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Learning Power BI from Enterprise DNA, in the first 2 challenges, used only donut, bar and line charts and want to do something different this time with the inspiration from awesome work done by others so far.
In the first page, Used Funnel charts to see the outcome data from top to bottom and created a new column at the table level that shows final outcome including both outcomes and used flag from the outcome to highlight in the Employee details who has ‘Happy’ outcome from both the interviews using Switch Formula. This page can be filtered from by Employee position/region and consultation name and displayed all the counts using cards to get an idea of totals at a glance.
Focused on the stats by Interviewer in the second page, used Decomposition tree so that user can click on the interviewer and can view the details by consultation and the outcome for each interview. Used Ribbon chart to see the data flow by interviewer and date and bar charts to compare the numbers between the interviewers.
The key measures created are quite simple to get the counts and only added additional measure at table level to get the final outcome.


Great work! Love the presentation and the choice of data insights!

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Hey Nice work I like how you presented your data.
What formula did you use for Rankxx(Top to bottom)?

I didn’t use any ranking and can you let me know which viz you are referring

I was wrong, I thought you used topn or rankxx for the funnel…but can you help me with the best formula for finding top number?

Different options:

  1. Top 7 Products = CALCULATE([Total Sales],TOPN(7, values(Product[Product ID] ), [Total Sales] , desc )))
  2. Top 7 Customers By Sales =
    var CustomerRank = RANKX( ALL(Customer[Customer ID] ), [Total Sales], ,desc)
    if (CustomerRank <= 7 , [Total Sales], blank() )

Thanks a lot for the solution