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Welcome to the EDNA data challenge.

An opportunity to enhance your Power BI development and learning curve.

Sharing, learning and growing!

Join us bi-weekly for a new scenario based on what you are likely to face in the real world.

We take a data set and turn it into an actionable report providing information and insight.

The Enterprise DNA community will then come together to review the project and would love for you to join us.

So How Does It Work?

Join the EDNA Challenge an awesome community dedicated to helping you learn and improve your data analysis and power bi skills.

At Enterprise DNA we believe that the key to any successful Power BI solution is based on 4 key pillars:

  1. Loading and transforming data

  2. Data modelling

  3. DAX calculations

  4. Report and visualizations

On a bi-weekly basis the Enterprise team will release a scenario simulating what you are likely to face in industry.

The objective is to assess the scenario and using the dataset provided to come up with a solution which you believe would meet the requirements set out in the scenario.

The dataset and scenario will usually be made available on a Thursday and you will then have around 10 days to submit your solution (the following Monday).

The Enterprise team will then review and select a winner for each of the challenges set.

So how do I submit?

  • Download the data set from the forum .
  • Post the screenshot of your report and explanation in LinkedIn along with the name of the challenge (e.g. Power BI Challenge 15 – Formula 1 Analytics)
  • Include this in your post: I accepted the #EnterpriseDNAPowerBIChallenge and hyperlink the challenge post from the Forum.
  • Submit your PBIX files to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co

What’s in it for me?

  • The chance to have your work showcased across the Enterprise DNA network.
  • The chance to win complimentary membership.
  • Receive personalised feedback around your development.
  • Learn from peers and experts.
  • Practice what the workplace is looking for enhancing your credentials as a Power BI expert.
  • Get experience across different industries.
  • Understand common pitfalls in solutions.
  • Get involved in discussions around enhancing your solutions and learn about new features.

Hi Sam and the team,
Is it fine to participate in older challenges? Can I still submit an entry? (There is a particular one from my industry hence of the most interest)