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:pushpin: Goal:

The goal of this Build is to use Power BI to analyze marketing data and identify key trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. The build should focus on specific marketing insights, such as customer behavior, campaign effectiveness, or market segmentation.

:pushpin: Steps:

  • Identify the specific marketing insights to be analyzed. This could include customer behavior patterns, campaign effectiveness metrics, or market segmentation trends.
  • Collect and clean the necessary data.
  • Create a Power BI report. Use the Power BI interface to design and build a report that effectively visualizes and analyzes the marketing data to highlight specific insights. Consider using appropriate visualizations such as line charts, bar charts, or scatter plots, as well as filters and slicers to allow the user to drill down into the data.
  • Analyze the marketing data. In addition to visualizing the data, the report should include a detailed analysis of the specific insights, such as identifying the most effective marketing channels or segmenting customers based on their behavior.
  • Present the report to an audience. Use the Power BI interface to create a professional and engaging presentation of the report, including clear explanations and examples to help the audience understand the marketing insights and their implications for the business.

:pushpin: Deliverables:

  • A completed Power BI report that effectively visualizes and analyzes marketing data to highlight specific insights.

:pushpin: How to Submit:

  1. Log in to your On-Demand Account at
    • Navigate to the Project Center and Click on Builds
    • Pick the Build you want to participate in and “Submit Your Build Entry”
  2. Share an image and a brief description of your report in this forum thread: Marketing Analytics - Measuring ROI
  3. Share an image of your report to the Enterprise Builds Group ( with the following hashtags: #EDNADataBuilds, #EDNAMarketingAnalytics-Measuring ROI

Or alternatively, you can email the completed PBIX file and report description to

We always encourage all participants to provide a summary with the most insightful, instructional explanation of how they constructed their reports and met their personal learning objectives for the challenge.

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:pushpin: Data Set:

Hello. What is the location code? For a country? Thanks

I think this relates to some other dataset we don’t have at this time. I would just either work around it or sub in some other dummy data to fit your needs.


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I’ve been exploring marketing analytics and ROI measurement recently. It can get complex, but it’s essential. I appreciate you sharing the EDNA Data Challenge LinkedIn Group; it seems like a valuable resource. I would also like to share this link building for websites. I used these, and that helped me a lot. Learning from others’ experiences can be a game-changer in this field!

Measuring ROI in such extensive projects involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics. We utilized advanced data analysis techniques, tracking engagement metrics, conversion rates, and the effectiveness of our navigation tools. By correlating these with the project’s objectives, we can assess the overall impact and success of our analytics in real terms