Builds resolt - financial showcase & Time Intelligence - Highlighting Trends

Hello Enterprise DNA Team,

I just wanted to ask when can we expect results for both builds. They ended some time ago, I participated in both of them and met the initial deadline so I am looking forward to see the end results.
Also taking the opportunity I must say that I love the new concept of the challanges, a lot of effort was put to create it, I am going to participate in new ones as well.


Hi @Gervith,

Thank you for your email and for participating in both the Time Intelligence and Financial Showcase Challenge. We appreciate your enthusiasm and effort in creating impressive reports for these challenges.

I also wanted to let you know that the Power BI Challenge has evolved into Power BI Builds. This means that instead of having a competition with prizes, we’re now focusing on providing participants with ongoing opportunities to practice their Power BI skills and build their portfolios. Builds will be released on a regular basis, and participants can work on them at their own pace.

I’m glad to hear that you love the new concept of Power BI Builds. We agree that this approach provides ongoing opportunities for participants to practice their Power BI skills and build their portfolios. We’re excited to see your future entries in upcoming Builds, and we encourage you to keep practicing and developing your skills.