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“Sport – Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23” was succeeded by 56 entries, 200+ analysis Pages, 650+DAX measures, and 500+ Navigation buttons, bookmarks, and tooltips. Thanks for everyone’s engagement and dedication.

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The Brief

About the dataset/s

  • Go to our Data Library to find a dataset to use for this build.

Note: If you do not find any dataset of interest in our Data Library please bring your own dataset

:pushpin: Goal:

The goal of this build is to create a financial report in Power BI that effectively communicates valuable insights to the audience. The report should use appropriate visualizations and analysis techniques to highlight key trends, patterns, and anomalies in the data.

:pushpin: Steps:

  • Identify a financial data set to analyze. This could be any data set related to financial performance, such as sales revenue, profit margins, or expenses.
  • Collect and clean the necessary data.
  • Create a Power BI report. Use the Power BI interface to design and build a report that effectively communicates financial insights using appropriate visualizations and analysis techniques. Consider using table-based visuals, Zebra BI charts, or dynamic visuals to highlight key trends and patterns.
  • Analyze the financial data. In addition to visualizing the data, the report should include a detailed analysis of key trends and patterns, as well as any anomalies or areas of concern. This could involve comparing the data to industry benchmarks or conducting statistical analysis to identify correlations.
  • Present the report to an audience. Use the Power BI interface to create a professional and engaging presentation of the report, including clear explanations and examples to help the audience understand the financial insights and the implications for the business.

:pushpin: Deliverables:

  • A completed Power BI report that effectively communicates valuable financial insights to the audience.

:pushpin: How to Submit:

  1. Log in to your On-Demand Account at
    • Navigate to the Project Center and Click on Builds
    • Pick the Build you want to participate in and “Submit Your Builds Entry”
  2. Share an image and a brief description of your report in this forum thread: Financial Report Showcase
  3. Share an image of your report to the Enterprise Challenges Group ( with the following hashtags: #EDNADataBulds. #EDNAFinancialReportShowcase

Or alternatively, you can email the completed PBIX file and report description to

We always encourage all participants to provide a summary with the most insightful, instructional explanation of how they constructed their reports and met their personal learning objectives for the challenge.

If you need any help with publishing, please reach out to one of the team managers for assistance (post in the forum/LinkedIn group) or email

:pushpin: Data Set:

  • Go to our Data Library to find a dataset to use for this build.

Note: If you do not find any dataset of interest in our Data Library please bring your own dataset

I was wondering how can there be a non-subscriber winner when the first step to submit your report is Login to your On-demand account?

Hi @jgriffit,

Thanks for asking about this.
Good news!

The Challenge is now available for free on the On Demand Platform. If you don’t have a subscription, you can still participate by creating a free account and submitting your entries.

So go ahead and give it a try

:wave: Hi Everyone,

This is an entry submitted by Damian Wolowiec (@Gervith) via On Demand.

Here’s how Damian Wolowiec described it:
This report presents completethe financial statements of Microsoft Corporation, consisting of a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement for the period of 4 years. It was built on the basis of annual reports available to the public, and all amounts are calculated in an automated manner. In addition, a ratio analysis was performed using selected financial indicators and interpreted.

I was looking forward to this type of challenge given that I am currently in a position as an accountant and financial auditor. Even though I didn’t have much time I knew I had to participate. I used custom color palette and icons as well as navigation menu and intro page.

Hope you like it!

You can view the full report here
Damian Wolowiec_C26

Please feel free to give your feedback on his report.


The download link to the Challenge 26 is not working.

Hi @Naate,

Please click on Data Library to choose a data set you would like to use for this Challenge.

:wave: Hi Everyone,

Here’s an entry submitted by Joe Rackstraw (@joe.rackstraw) via On Demand.

You can view the full report here
Joe Rackstraw_C26

Please feel free to give your feedback on his report.

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Awesome work


its because the challenge is not done yet