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A Blast from the Past - The Remake of Challenge 7

Hello All,


“A blast from the past - The remake of Challenge 7

The Intro

I wish everyone enjoyed Enteprise DNA Challenge 19 and is excited about Reporting & Data Visualization Summit. Please register to the summit to obtain the dataset, registration link below.

After Data Challenge 19, our data challenge community had grown up to 750+ members within 45 days. 52 posts had been viewed over 30k times and commented 500 times. Moreover, we were pleased to accept 55 final entries with 200+ analysis pages and 150+ navigation buttons. However, everyone wants to enjoy more! Now, we launch a one-week data challenge to remake/redesign Challenge 7 “Purchase, Inventory and Sales” .

The report we would like you to redesign, was created by Mudassir Syed Ali an Enterprise DNA Expert, in September 2020.

Link to report in the web – Challenge 7

It is time to rethink, reimage, reanalyze, redesign and report!!!

  • Rethink the datasets and requests
  • Reimage the reporting design, leveraging the latest technologies or tool you have learned
  • Reanalyze the data to approve your understanding
  • Redesign your report to enhance user experience
  • Report your core insights to a higher level

The Brief

About the Dataset:

One Excel file with 3 worksheets:

  • Purchases – This data shows us the date that our business raised a purchase order for a particular product and the amount of the product.
  • Receiving – This data shows when we as a company took stock of the materials, which we have ordered e.g., the products arrived in our warehouse.
  • Billing – This is the transactional data of what we sold to which customer.

Business Requests:

  • Monitor Purchase/Receive/Billing trend
  • Track receiving time elapsed by material and customer
  • Find best seller materials by time
  • Some other findings upon to your analysis

Important Read - Please be alert and ready

A one-page report (bookmarks and tooltips allowed).
Several prizes to be won!!!

Challenge Running Time

Start: Friday, 20nd May 2022 (GMT) to End: Saturday, 28th May 2022 (GMT)


Submission of entries

To be considered within the competition, entries are due no later than 11:59pm GMT Saturday , 28th , 2022.

How to submit:

Email the completed PBIX file together with a screenshot of your report to:


Just to be clear, we are to download Mudassir’s report and revamp ?

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Nope, but almost, you register for the summit and download the dataset, just the data set, from the summit registration page and then revamp his report.

Are you in is only 7 days :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Ok, now I get you.

A 7 day turnaround…so going on my past history…erm…eh…I’ll submit mine in the 7 days between 08/08/22 & 14/08/22 :joy: :wave:

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