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What layout/schemes do you like using?

Hi Everyone,

My experience is mostly creating dashboards/graphs/pivot tables in excel and providing reports to management on my findings. I was wondering what does everyone use in power bi as per layouts/colour schemes that you like using the most in reporting to management.

I’m new to power bi and like to learn from everyone experiences.



In terms of color themes, I really like the following:

With regard to the color theme generator, you can’t go wrong with the color fan. I’ve also generated some nice schemes using the image to colors. For example, here’s an image I used recently to generate what I thought was a color scheme that worked well:


With regard to layouts, I don’t think you can do better than to look through the entries for the three recent Enterprise DNA Data Challenges. There are some absolutely amazing layouts and color schemes used.

And of course, the Enterprise DNA Showcase Page provides a great foundation for almost any type of report.

Finally, this is a technique I’ve found really helpful for producing professional looking reports:

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

P.S. here’s a bit of an offbeat source for color schemes that I enjoy:


Hi @BrianJ,

thanks for your feedback. I’ll take a look at them but my issue is i’m not a member so some those videos aren’t available to me.


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