Newcomer Prize for Data Challenge #6


With @Alvi’s well-deserved win in Challenge #5, the eDNA Newcomer Award is back up for grabs in Challenge #6. As @haroonali1000 mentioned, you can only win this award once, so there definitely will be a new winner for Challenge #6. If you’re a relative newcomer to Power BI and thinking of jumping in to the Challenges, this is a perfect one to start on IMO. The data model is sizable but pretty straightforward, and the dataset is so rich for analysis that any direction you choose to go for your report will be unique and interesting.

I really believe that regardless of your experience level these challenges are among the best ways possible to quickly build your Power BI skills, and they are a ton of fun to participate in. The entire Enterprise DNA community is incredibly supportive and encouraging. To try to encourage more members early in their Power BI journey to take the leap and participate, I am offering the following choice of prizes to the top Newcomer entry, as judged by @haroonali1000 and the Enterprise DNA Team:

  1. a copy of the Definitive Guide to DAX, 2nd Edition (the indispensable "bible"of DAX) or your choice of any other book from the eDNA Forum Recommended List ; or
  2. a copy of SnagIt 2020, a do-it-all screen capture and graphics tool used by the members of the expert team for screen grabs, annotation, gif and video generation, photo editing, etc. @nick_m got me hooked on this, and it has a million and one uses for Power BI report development; or
  3. a four-month subscription to - this is an online service with millions of downloadable and editable icons that you can use to really polish your Power BI reports.

To be considered for the Newcomer prize, you must be an eDNA member and have started working with Power BI less than a year ago. When you submit your entry to Haroon, please just let him know if you would like to be considered in this category (you will automatically also be considered in the overall category).

I hope this provides a nudge for those of you sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to submit an entry or not. I absolutely guarantee that if you do, you will find it an enjoyable and super valuable experience. And while the prizes and competition aspects are fun, remember that the real competition is only with yourself - if you finish the challenge more knowledgeable than when you started, that’s a huge win.

Good luck to all! Can’t wait to see your entries.

  • Brian

Awesome thanks again Brian for starting this initiative.

Looking forward to the submissions.



i would like to be considered for the newcomer prize with my challenge 6 report…
thank you!

Regards, Marieke

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