Savings upon saving

Implementing projects one after the other that realizes energy savings in a section of operations. So if normal energy consumption for the operation is 200 000 GJ as an example. Should project 1 be implemented realizing a 10% saving then the energy after saving would be:
200000 * (1-0.1) = 200 000 * .9 = 180 000 GJ
If we then implement project 2 and it realizes another 10 % saving the saving would be on 180 000 GJ and not 200 000 GJ.
If we, therefore, implement 3 projects then the energy consumption after the 3 projects can be calculated as follows:

200 000 * (1-Proj1% saving) * (1- Proj2 Savings %) * (1-Proj 3 savings%)

How can I do this calculation in DAX?

Hi @nico.swartz,

Can you share a sample PBIX? Every measure depends on the Model…
Also when should a project be seen as realized in your calculation?


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Is this the result that you’re looking for? Below is the screenshot provided for the reference -

Dependant Calculation

So at first I considered that in the case of “Gross Consumption” all the projects will consume the same no. of units. And then accordingly as per the conditions that you’ve stated I’ve deducted 10% from every subsequent projects. Below is the formula provided for the reference -

Gross Consumption = Gross Consumption = SUM( Projects[Consumption] )

Net Consumption = 
VAR ProjectA = [Gross Consumption] - ( [Gross Consumption] * 0.1 )

VAR ProjectB = ProjectA - ( ProjectA * 0.1 )

VAR ProjectC = ProjectB - ( ProjectB * 0.1 )

VAR ProjectWiseConsumption = 
    SELECTEDVALUE( Projects[Projects] ) = "A" , ProjectA , 
    SELECTEDVALUE( Projects[Projects] ) = "B" , ProjectB ,
    SELECTEDVALUE( Projects[Projects] ) = "C" , ProjectC , 
ProjectA + ProjectB + ProjectC )


And then in order to get the correct grand totals. Below is the formula used to retrieve correct totals -

Net Consumption (Correct Totals) = 
    SUMMARIZE( Projects , Projects[Projects] , "Correct Totals" , [Net Consumption] ) , 
[Correct Totals] )

I’m also attaching the working of the PBIX file of the working for the reference. Also providing a link below of the post which was created by one of our expert member @Greg which is based on “How To Fix The Incorrect Totals”.

Hoping you find this useful and meets your requirements that you’re looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please Note: If this is not the case, then as suggested by @Melissa please provide the working of the PBIX file alongwith the desired results that you’re looking for.

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Dependant Calculation.pbix (35.5 KB)

Dependant Calculation.xlsx (17.8 KB)

Note: In order to view the entire post, please click onto the link and not onto the “Expand/Collapse” button.

Thanks, Harsh
This helps. WIll let you know if I got it to work properly.

Hello @nico.swartz,

You’re Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad that I was able to help you.

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