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Power BI Challenge 11 - Wrap Up!

Hello All,

I trust you are all well and keeping safe. It’s been a busy few weeks and it feels as though there could be some light at the end of the tunnel especially with the advancements in the vaccine being rolled out.

It’s also been busy, busy at the Enterprise DNA head quarters with an awesome stream of content, masterclasses, #POW and did I mention we also had the release of an amazing new course on optimising DAX to the portal.

There is some amazing content lined up for the coming weeks and months so watch this space and make sure your subscribed to one of the social media sites, so you don’t miss anything.

Oh we’ve also just finished the 11th instalment of the Enterprise DNA challenge! WOW, WOW, WOW! It did not fail to disappoint as always there was some amazing submissions and work on display and that too on a dataset and scenario that has in some way or another affected each and every one of us.

A massive thank you and well done to all of you who participated. Working with open-source data is no easy ask yet every single submission had managed to craft a report from data that at a glance looks easy but does have some quirks and issues that need to be resolved.

There were some amazing shares from the community around approaches taken and a real opportunity to learn from some of the best in the game at how they tackled the problem.

So let’s get to it….

The Winner

It was seriously a tough call there were some brilliant reports produced that were both aesthetically pleasing, with the analysis and insight second to none.

I can seriously say that the challenges to date have showcased some of the best Power BI reports available across the globe. This challenge was no different I’m always learning more about the art of possible and with every challenge I come away thinking wow I didn’t know that was even possible. Amazing learning without even participating (wink, wink, nudge, nudge review the submissions).

The winner this week has produced a report that “wouldn’t look out of place on Sky News”, “should replace the existing JHU dashboard”, “needs to be seen by the Power BI world”.

The winner is the dream team known as JMAP (@BrianJ, @JarrettM, @MudassirAli, @Greg) the Enterprise DNA experts have just taken this to another level the report itself is wonderfully intuitive and insightful and some of the techniques on display are just wow.


The effort that has gone in to producing such a report is something that all us developers and aspiring analysts can appreciate. This was the first time we’ve explored the team submission approach and all I can say is I really hope to see and learn more from this.

The guys have truly gone the extra mile not only with a great report but in documenting their experience of trying to collaborate on power bi project.

This is invaluable learning for anyone who will be working in a team focussed on power bi development as its not straight forward.

I can’t emphasise enough how good the write up is from the guys so much valuable learning for anyone starting or working in team environment with Power BI.

There are going to be a number of discussions and videos based on the report and how the guys tackled this coming soon so watch this space!

The guys were run hard to the winning line by a number of other entries that deserve a mention.

@alexbadiu I tip my hat to you sir another excellent submission another master piece for the collection. An amazing report with some truly beautiful elements and user experience. Your write up is also excellent and for all of you out there who want to learn about the art of story telling and how to keep your end user in mind make sure you take a look at Alex’s work and write up.


There was also a beautiful technique used to highlight scatter points that Alex has kindly created into a video. Its defo worth a watch and an excellent technique to have up your sleeve. Thanks Alex.

@Alvi an excellent submission from yourself some great insight and loved the bench marking approach in your measures it was a nice touch and provided a nice context. Also a great write up, awesome work all round.


I also want to call out @bradsmith for providing us with yet another master piece in analysis and advanced modelling. Although Brad didn’t quite stick to the brief the detailed analysis he managed to showcase is just wow. Be sure to read his write up. Really looking forward to the course Brad is delivering soon on machine learning and advanced analysis.


A massive well done to all participants and thank you for participating. I really hope to see you all on the next challenge.

Be sure to review the submissions and check out the write ups.


That’s all from me folks, I hope you enjoyed the challenge and I look forward to seeing you all on the next one and welcoming some new participants.

We’ve got a super amazing idea for challenge 12 so take a breather for now and see you on the other side.

As always, any questions, requests, suggestions don’t be shy to get in touch.

Feel free to email for any queries or reach out to me personally on


Enterprise DNA


Many congrats JMAP on your well deserved win. There is so much to learn from your report and an another excellent submission from @alexbadiu as well. Thanks @haroonali1000 for your kind words. Looking forward to Challenge 12 soon!!


Thank you @EnterpriseDNA, @haroonali1000 … we’re proud and excited to be part of such a rich, rewarding, and sharing community. Can’t wait for C12!


I just want to take some time and appreciate the work that @haroonali1000 has been doing in organizing these challenges as we all know that coming up with different and exciting types of challenges is not an easy task at all. On top of that, his write-ups are equally amazing as if I am reading a novel of a writer with a top class story-telling skills. I impatiently wait for the challenge wrap ups so I can read the novel by @haroonali1000 once a month :smile:

Secondly, thanks to @BrianJ, @Greg & @JarrettM for making me a part of the report development team to experience the delights of working together on a PBI report. Despite some challenges we noticed while collaborating on a report, this is the challenge that I enjoyed working on the most. I do hope that this initiative of a collaborative PBI report development will progress and evolve further and it will be a big win if we are able to contribute to this new initiative.

Lastly, thanks to all the participants who take part in the challenges and I must say that the EDNA members are light years ahead in creating amazingly creative & insightful reports. I can’t emphasize how much improvements you can make by completing the report from the scratch, learning from others’ reports & by collaborating on the forum.

The learning resources are just infinite at EDNA so keep learning & keep getting better everyday !!


Very well said, @MudassirAli. I agree 100%. I’ve spoken at length in the past about how I think these challenges are the best learning experience there is. However, the opportunity to work as part of this amazing team boosted that learning to a whole different level. For those of you who’ve been participating in the challenges for a while, I would very strongly encourage you to partner up on a future challenge and give it a try.

Second, thanks to this entire community. I still get a huge thrill when I open the forum and see the message from @sam.mckay critiquing my (or in this case our) submission, and also getting feedback from others in the community from whom I have learned and borrowed so much from over the course of these challenges.

Finally, while we’re very flattered by the win and the positive reaction we have received on this report, we would caution anyone against taking the modeling results too seriously. To build a really sound, credible structural model, one would need to spend weeks or months conferring with medical and public health professionals, epidemiologists, sociologists, political scientists, etc. and then iteratively conducting extensive specification testing and reworking the model. We did approximately none of that, given the tight timeframe and the additional constraints imposed by the collaborative process. I think what we provided was a good proof of concept of what such a model might look like, but that’s about the extent of it.

Thanks to @MudassirAli, @JarrettM and @Greg for being wonderful teammates and friends. Already looking forward to Challenge #12

– Brian


very awesome! thank you @haroonali1000 and all enterprise DNA team

Fabulous write up Haroon. Amazing to see the quality being produced. What a community we’ve created here at eDNA. Proud to be a part of it!

Thanks @haroonali1000 , that was fun, exciting, and educational. Looking forward to the next one.

Just amazing! When will this report be in the member area? I’m anxious to understand better some of the technics and advanced DAX used on it. Thank you all.

How did you all collaborate on the report. Did you use Analytic Hub. It would be great to do a video on how you all collaborated and make videos on how you made this amazing Dashboard.



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@YusufGillani This time we collaborated by storing the file in one shared OneDrive location. The first plan was to use Analytic Hub for collaboration but we thought it was better to first collaborate without it and see what the challenges are so we can make improvements in Analytic Hub to better suit the Power BI report Development Collaboration. The report development with collaboration on Analytic Hub is already on the cards. Moreover, we will surely make a video and will try to cover the report development and the challenges we faced during the collaboration. The only thing I would say right now that it was the most amazing experience ever.



Thanks very much for your message and kind words – we’ve been really flattered by the positive reaction to our report, and are all committed to showing exactly how we put it together. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest starting with the combined report we did on both the collaborative process elements and the technical aspects of the report development:

The second thing is that Enterprise DNA has started a very cool series of events where @sam.mckay talks with past Data Challenge winners about how they created their entries, and we take live questions from members about the techniques and processes used. Here’s the link to the first one, plus an upcoming one on March 5 with multi-time winner @alexbadiu that I guarantee is going to be outstanding. I’m sure that a subsequent event will occur in the near future with the JMAP team that submitted this entry.

Third, this team will be doing a portal course later in the year on recommended processes for collaborative Power BI development, using Analyst Hub as one of the primary means of collaboration.

Finally, each of us will be doing some shorter YouTube videos on aspects of this dashboard. @Greg has already gotten this ball rolling for us with his excellent video on the Smart Narrative feature which we used extensively within both the body and the tooltips of this report:

So again, thanks very much for your feedback and know that we are on exactly the same page about providing lots of great instructional content on this topic.

– Brian



Welcome to the forum – great to have you here!

I know the @EnterpriseDNA team is working now to get the challenge entries in to the Data Challenge Showcase area in the portal. I’ll check with them on an estimated date for availability.

I think when you see the PBIX file you will be surprised how little advanced DAX was needed, even for a pretty complex report like this one. We spent a lot of time and effort in the data transformation and data modeling phases, and let Power Query do much of the heavy lifting, which greatly simplified the DAX needed.

– Brian


I just heard back from the @EnterpriseDNA team, and the entries should be up in the Data Challenge Showcase in the portal by tomorrow.

@YusufGillani – have you seen this invitation in the Events section yet? @sam.mckay will be doing a Mastermind event with the JMAP team about their Covid dashboard entry on March 11 5pm ET

Here’s link to register:

  • Brian

Congratulations again to @BrianJ, @JarrettM, @MudassirAli and @Greg! Your collective effort has proven what can be achieved with Power BI.

We also thank @alexbadiu, @Alvi, @bradsmith and everyone that participated.

The Power BI Challenge Showcase is now updated with Power BI Challenge 11 in the Enterprise DNA Education Platform.

Power BI Challenge 11 - COVID 19 Reporting | Enterprise DNA

See you all in the next challenge!

Enterprise DNA Team


Great thanks Brian!

Thank you for the feedback Brian. Already diving in it. :sunglasses:

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