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Power BI Challenge 10- Supplier Insight

@Rachwen_Mesbehi This is just extreme creativity. It’s probably not so difficult to get the theme you selected but very difficult to match the visuals with the theme of the report which you did magnificently well. Which Text format did you use? Is it native in PBI or you imported the texts after designing in Power Point?
The only thing I feel there are many visuals clustered in a page that makes it somewhat difficult to focus and to get the flow of the story. Maybe the difficulty level is set as Veteran?

I’m stuck for superlatives, your report is stunning!

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Beautiful report!!! Great Visualization

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Thanks @MudassirAli for asking this good question, Indeed, I wanted to create an incomplete report (a lot of colors, a lot of disorganized visuals, and also a lot of ugly buttons and shapes) all of this in order to simulate the problems that faced this industry in that period (80’s) when the developers were struggling with a lot issues even after they launched the final product (Bugs , glitch and many other things), but after all this we see that this industry has developed and has had a lot of success, all this begins with a small step, we are still learning and developing our Skills everyday and this is really nice.
About the Text Format, I designed all texts from this website

PS: After I saw your amazing entry, I think I’ll add a “Veteran” Button linked to your report .

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Hi DataZoe,

How did you make that Slicer menu. That’s a really good idea.


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Hi @YusufGillani to make the slicer menu what I did was the following:

  1. Insert --> Shapes --> Rectangle to the page and size it to where you want the panel to be.
  2. Turn off the fill, make line fully transparent, and turn on the background (color that the panel color you want).
  3. Open the selection and bookmark panes, View --> Bookmarks and View --> Selection (the selection pane allows you to specify the z-order, or which objects are on top of others, on the page, as well as hiding and showing of objects.
  4. Add slicers and place them on the panel. If you are using existing slicers, you will need to order them higher than the panel in the selection pane so they are “on top” of the rectangle shape.
  5. I typically make them dropdown slicers, with search turned on, and no background, but you can format however you like.
  6. You can also add text boxes – you get the idea!
  7. Now I add two buttons, one to hide and the other to show the panel. I like to keep these in the same place off the panel, so I user can simply toggle the panel without moving the mouse. Insert --> Buttons --> Blank, then turn off icon, outline, and background. Turn on fill. I go get a menu icon from and click on “add image” (in the fill section). I also like to have default state a lower transparency than the hover state, and also add a background color on press state.
  8. Now all the pieces are created so we need to get it working. In the selection pane, hold down ctrl and click all the visuals that are part of the panel and one of the buttons, right-click and choose group. This group should be at the top of the selection list, and the other button should be directly under it.
  9. click on the group in the selection pane and add a bookmark. Click the “…” next to the bookmark and choose “Selected Visuals” so it now has the green check mark, and choose “Data” so it loses its check mark. This is super important! You can double click the bookmark to rename it, and rename it “Show panel”.
  10. Now click the little eye for the group to make it invisible on the page, then making sure that group is still the only visuals selected, make another bookmark. Same as before, “selected visuals” only and uncheck “data”. Rename this one “Hide panel”.
  11. On the button outside of the group, click that one and add it’s action to be the bookmark “show panel”, and you can specify the tooltip as well, which I usually name “show panel”.
  12. Ctrl-click the button to show the panel.
  13. On the button inside the group, click that one and add it’s action to be the bookmark “hide panel”, and you can specify the tooltip as well, which I usually name “hide panel”.
  14. Now you can ctrl-click that button to test it, which should cause the panel to hide.

That’s how it’s created :slight_smile: Making sure your “Data” is unselected is very important or the slicers will reset when the panel is triggered which defeats the whole purpose.


Wow very impressive work

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Super impressed by everyones work in Challenge 10.

Incredible submission. Some of the best Power BI development work happening anywhere.

I look forward to creating to content on these challenge shortly.


It’s the best looking report I’ve come across.
Easy in the eye, clear concepts the users will love playing with it.
Hats of to MudassirAli!

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Thanks @giomil for your comments and I am glad you liked the report :+1:

Hi Zoe (@datazoe) , I absolutely love how clean your report looks. I went to this page to download your pbix, but yours seems to be the only one I cannot download. Could you please give me the link where I can download your pbix?

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Oh. : - (

@datazoe Zoe, I hope you change your mind in 2021!! Getting to go through the stunning visualisations you make will for sure be a huge help. :relieved:

Haha, @AntrikshSharma Antriksh your pic made me laugh :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


lol @AntrikshSharma only those I used the premium numerro templates, I have just been lazy on this one! I’ll send it over today!

@michellepace I have just been slack, I don’t mind sharing this one! Supplier Insights - DataZoe.pbix (1.0 MB)


Hi Love the report any chance you can share the PBIX file ?
Happy New Year

Hi @Jeffb

Happy New Year to you too!

Attached you will find the Power Bi file for this Challenge.

Power BI Challenge 10- Supplier Insight-V2.pbix (694.8 KB)

Thank you much appreciated. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Can you share your .pbix file for this report? Thank you


If you go to the training portal (, and go to Power BI Challenge Showcases you can download any of the PBIX files from any of the past challenges.

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