Line Chart Annotated

The picture attached below is from the book “Storytelling with Data” by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic.

Just curious is there a way (without using serparate text boxes) to create something similar in Power BI

  • Highlight the one line
  • Add the field names to the side not as a legend (keep the eyes on the graph)

Thanks all for your help! #enterpriseDNARocks!


Screen Shot of the data:

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Hi @mbraun

I think you should look at the power bi challenge 6. We have really great submissions. Check the submission from alexbadiu and Mudassir. Below is the link

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Apparently there isn’t a way within the current Power BI that I have seen or research. I am surprise that no one has requested this. I believe versions of this are available in Tableau and we mitigate the need for a legend.


Have you used the Charticulator to design your own visuals?
I have designed 90% of the visual you are looking for. I haven’t still figured out how to remove the legend from the end point.

Firstly, I transformed the data and then I loaded it in the charticulator.

Attaching the CSV, LineCharts.pbiviz (240.5 KB) data7.csv (788 Bytes) Line Annotated Charts.pbix (267.7 KB) pbix file and the visual.

Let me know if this works.


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Thanks for this response. I will certainly checkout Charticulator.

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