Dynamic grouping into quadrants

Hi Sam,
Seen your article on dynamic grouping. Carrying over from there, how can i do a dynamic quadrant grouping for example into High- High, High-Low, Low-High and Low-Low using dax. :slight_smile:



Post a sample PBIX file or snapshot of what you are trying to accomplish, this will help us better provide a solution for your question. Check out this link to help you out with asking questions in the forum.


A dynamic scatter chart like this is what i am trying to achieve.
[PS: the pic is something i did in paint for example. Not based on actual data]

This is something that can be done. It is hard to do anything without any data though. Try working on accomplishing this in a PBIX model, and when you run into an issue, post the PBIX file in here and we can better assist.


In the file attached, I have created a grouping based on margins and created a scatter chart. But, if i need to split the figures into 4 groups as below; how do i modify my dax formula?
i. High margin High volume
ii. High margin Low volume
iii. Low margin High Volume
iv. Low margin Low volume


Just found this comment on the link below. Currently Power BI does not support 4 quadrants.

Here is the link to the website were you can click on the link to submit your vote for Power BI to make this change.


Also check out this video here, you will see how to showcase outliers.

This is very similar to what you need, you’ll likely just need to extend the secondary table and formula logic a little to get the four quadrants


Thanks @sam.mckay… This could work :slight_smile: