Does Your Support Question Have Everything Required To Be Answered Effectively?

It’s important to make sure your questions in the support forum have everything required to be answered efficiently and effectively by those working on solutions for you.

With Power BI it’s never that simple to solve a query without as much context on the scenario as possible, so providing as much information (without going overboard) will go a long way to getting great solutions to you quickly.

This means primarily adding a demo PBIX file, but should also include various images of the scenario you are working with in your model. Also adding formulas etc. is essential.

Please ask yourself these questions below every time you have created a topic or forum thread asking for assistance.

Does my question contain enough information so anyone would understand what I am referring to?

Have I included a PBIX file and detailed images of the scenario I am dealing with?

Can my question be answered reasonably within less than 20 minutes max?

Have I added all the relevant detail within the forum thread itself?

How to place DAX formula into the support forum

To read DAX formula easily it needs to be formatted. If you complete a simple copy and paste into the forum your formula will not hold their formatting from a Power BI model.

See below for an example.

This is easy to correct in the forum by highlighting the formula and clicking the below.

You formula will then look like the below and hold current formatting from Power BI.

How to add PBIX files to forum topics or threads

This is very easy to do.

When starting a new topic or replying to a thread you can use the above icon to attach a document within the post.


Please note there is a size limit.

If your file is large look to reduce it a number of ways;

  • Remove all excess data from the demo file
  • Remove tables of data that aren’t relevant to the questions
  • Filter down your tables in the query editor

Remember that once your scenario is understood the same formula and solution can be used across a much larger model. It’s just about getting the conceptual solution rather than always the exact answer in your live model.