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Drill through filter based on a measure

The goal is to setup a drill through filter on the table for the page Expenditure that will do the following:

There are two pages Expenditure and Thorough Table in the Pbix file.

Example: When we right click on January Months Amount (50) for Expenditure Description Food -> Drill through -> Thorough Table

In the thorough table it should only display January month’s (selected month’s) data not all the months Expenditure.

Note: The scenario shown here is just for example purpose. We cannot use the month column for the table, we must use measures and need to do the drill through filter to display the individual values that compose the result of the measure.
Pbix File :

Expected Output :

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Hi @ajinkyakadam0009,

Thank you for providing a sample file :+1:
The way you have it set up right now there is no context for the date table upon drill through so you have to recreate that. Found something that works, which I hope will work for you.

Here’s what I’ve done.

  1. Created a supporting table for the lay out with no relationships to your model.
  2. Created a measure to get the values in the matrix
  3. Created a measure for capturing the month context
  4. Updated the designated Drill through page
    Removing the Date from the Fact table and bringing in the Date from the Date table
    Adding the month context capturing measure to the visual level filter section

Here’s your sample file. Drillthrough_Scenario.pbix (41.3 KB)
I hope this is helpful.

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