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Convert cumulative daily history to new daily

Working with Challenge 11 COVID tracking, I found a way to convert cumulative history to daily new cases. Here are the steps

Sort on your group (Country/State) + date so all your data.
Add a 0-based index
Duplicate the table and add a 1-based index to this table
Merge the two tables on the indexes and expand to show country/state
Now its a simple new column

  • if state/country matches then 0-based value - 1-based value else 0-based value
    Remove extraneous columns
    Disable load for 1-based index

The attachment takes small piece of the cases. When I tried the entire file, it was rather slow.cum2new.pbix (146.9 KB)

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Great post. I used the exact same technique to transform the DC #11 data from cumulative to marginal daily values. If folks are interested in employing this technique, in addition to Mark’s post, Imke Feldmann has an excellent blog post and video on the technique:

– Brian

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interesting…I didn’t know about biccountant. He created lists instead of adding an index and gets a significant performance gain.

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