Cannot Reply to Some Topics - Yet Again!

I have already posted twice in the last couple of months (here and here) about not being able to reply to some topics while other seemed to not be affected. I thought it was all behind me, but it just happened again when I tried to reply to this topic. I have a “reply” button available on all the other topics I’ve clicked on this morning, but not in this one.

Why does this keep happening? Can’t it be fixed permanently?

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I just did a little bit of additional testing wondering if the issue is browser specific (I’ve been using Edge). It turns out that it’s not browser specific. I get the same behavior in Edge and Chrome. However, it DOES have something to do with my account. I only experience this behavior when I’m logged into my account. If I log out of my account and go back to the forum, the “reply” button works. But if I log back in again, it is gone (but only in certain topics).

HI @DaveC

I know the feeling, everytime they make a changes to courses/learning paths. The percentage for the Learning Paths always decreases always from 100%.

I’ve sent messages to customers service about other things and still haven’t got a reply back from them. (almost 3 weeks now )

I use both Edge and firefox and get the same results.

@Keith Send an email to Sam, maybe there were some structural changes so the emails might have been lost.

thanks @AntrikshSharma . I’ll see if i have his business email and cc him on the message that is resent yesterday.

Don’t know if this helps, but I was doing a little more testing to try to determine what is different about the topics that give me the “reply” option vs. those that don’t. So far, every topic I’ve clicked on that is in the “Power Automate” category does NOT give me the reply option. Several topics have both “Power Automate” and “Power Platform” as assigned categories, and those DO give me the reply option, but the ones that are ONLY in the “Power Automate” category do NOT.

any resolution to this? it happens to me all the time. it’s annoying and wastes too much of my time to try and work around it.

Hi @HufferD

Have you sent an email message to Customer Support and include Sam in on the message?


I did not. I remember you gave me the customer support info but I lost track of that. then I saw it was at least not just me having the problem.

ok…I would still send something stating it but there are some others having the same issue. For i’m not having any issue that I can see so far.

I am still having the problem. The first time I posted about it a few months ago, I got a reply, and someone did something that cleared it up. I have posted twice since then when it happened again and have had no reply or resolution this time. In my case, it seems to only be affecting posts in the Power Automate category (at least as far as I can tell).

UPDATE: I can’t reply to topics in the DAX category either.

yeah. it really is a shame. i’m not terribly fond of copying replies as a new topic and appending [Unable to reply], and linking to the OP. too much trouble for me…

as an example, this post:

i cannot directly reply. no reply button.

That’s one of the ones I was going to reply to also but couldn’t.

I received this message from eDNA:

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. The Forum website issues such as what you’ve experienced can be due to cached files and cookies in a web browser and clearing them can often help resolve the issue. It helps refresh the browser and ensure that the latest content is being loaded.

Kindly send us a reply if the issue persists and we will gladly provide further assistance.

Best regards,


I sent Anilyn a reply and explained those steps did not resolve the issue, at least for me, and that they should take a look at the forum and the consider the number of users experiencing this same problem.

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I get that message from them too. I always state that I cleared the cache and cookies before sending the message to them.

I hope they get this resolved



I’m having this issue as well. There have been questions or topics I wanted to reply to but there’s no button for it.

Switching browsers does not help, so I don’t think it’s a cache/cookie thing.

Looking into this asap. Will come back shortly. Thanks

We use a third party to supply this forum technology. There must be something happening on the tech side for this to occur.

I will work with our devs immediately to work it out.

Apologize for the average responses regarding this. My team should be more proactive in escalating this to me.

Thanks for you patience and support on this issue


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Alexis I believe you are a free user? Is that right. Then yes the forum is for paying users currently.