Calculation Groups- Coming Summer 2020


Just saw a video from Christian Wade where he announced Calculation Groups will be coming to Power Bi Pro in the summer of 2020. Here is a link to the video. He talks about this functionality from minute 33-47 of the webinar if you wish to fast forward to that section.|01||bbb35c2510904fa25f4f08d7d33281b8|0273a2923b074419bb72a5c19ce30770|0|0|637210086191936096&sdata=FSuZzrglH4h93QPuKaSVItiVUc8OMNIZWeeKG7Z2LUc%3D&reserved=0



Indeed. :slight_smile:

Also, in the “Definitive Guide to DAX, Second Edition”, all of chapter 9 is dedicated to a step-wise, deep dive explanation of exactly how calculation groups work and best practices for using them.

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